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Businesses Can’t Ignore Social Media Networks Anymore

Social networks will play a larger and larger role in the way businesses find and attract customers as well as talent for their companies, as well as their corporate image.

Social networks aren’t just a fad. Hardly, in fact, they are starting become crucial for doing business. Soon, every company will have to work with the winning social network firm or firms, just as almost all companies work with Yahoo and Google.

LinkedIn is already profitable. Yes it’s making money!… Continue

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Reaching the C-suite Executive: Thought Number 2

To stand out when going after the Suits, those illusive C-Level executives, you have to be relevant, engaging and insightful to them in their world not you in your world. Like dressings for success where you dress for the position you want, not the one you have. To market to C-Level you have to engage them at what they need. You have to fully understand the C-level’s roles, responsibilities and concerns. Then sit down and put together a personalized, customized offer that they can not find… Continue

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Reaching the C-suite Executive: Thought #1

It seems as if every marketer has them on their radar screen, The C-Level Executive. But with so much clutter vying for their attention how to you get in and stand out from the crowd?

The first thing I would do is to look at and examine the myths about the C-Level executive not going online. That might have been true 8 years go but now? Forget it. This market segment in no longer a technophobic. They are online working and even though they (we) did not actually grow up with computers… Continue

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Gaining Market Share with Social Media in a Down Turn.

A few weeks ago AOL publicly stated that its network advertising had softened in auto, financial, telecom and travel industries. With GM slashing their ad budget and eMarketer revising its estimated online ad spending in 3008 from 27.5 billion down to $24.9 billion in August (will this drop farther?) where and how can you gain needed market share in an economy that is fighting for its life?

During a recession, a company should be positioning itself as the leader it is product… Continue

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The Week Ahead for October 6 – October 10


Tuesday: August Consumer Credit

Wednesday: August Pending Home Sales

Thursday: August Wholesale Inventories; Weekly Initial Jobless Claims

Friday: August Trade Balance

Larson note: Most of these reports have little meaning to us now with all that has happened in the last week. The only ones to really watch are (in my opinion) The August Wholesale Inventories and the August Trade Balance, but everything else is all in flex with the bailout. Then… Continue

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Is the Sun Setting on US Manufacturing Dominance?

I am a student of history. I enjoy reading and learning about the past, be it US, European, Asian, African, Middle Eastern what ever. The object being to learn from the past to succeed in the future, to project into the future, not to dwell in the past

By 1900 the United States was the industrial power of the world having taken that honor form England. At that time the United States was a nation of inventors, builders, makers, users, we went though 2 world wars, a “Great Depression”… Continue

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U.S Must Prepare for Manufacturing Trade Wars

How did or does this happen? Asian leaders duping our leaders to take advantage of our free trade policies with there predatory trade policies that re draining the USA of our economic wealth?

Cheep labor, visions of huge markets dancing in their heads, the hope for hugs profits, (sounds like a little kid at Christmas) has seduced our pollitions and international leaders, corporate owners and managers into submission. They have and are continuing to dismantle our wealth producing… Continue

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No (real) Credit Crunch?

Companies looking to close deals and get paid upfront from cash-strapped customers should turn to financing and credit options. Despite the Wall Street meltdown, and the terrible way Washington is handling it all there is plenty of money still out there in banking and credit system.

On September 26, Americans woke up to the news that Washington Mutual, the nation’s largest savings and loan, had failed under the weight of $31 billion in bad debt. That dwarfs my $4,000 in past due… Continue

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Jones Apparel Rolls Out E-Commerce Solution

Jones Apparel Group launches a new e-commerce and in-store collaboration technology using VendorNet's StoreNet Manager. The application enables the automated fulfillment of e-commerce orders utilizing bricks and mortar store inventory essentially making corporate-wide inventory available for sale on the Web.

"The implementation of VendorNet StoreNet Manager is part of Jones Apparel Group's overall strategy to fulfill sales on our e-commerce platform by optimizing our current… Continue

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Principles For Profitable Customer Relationships

If you’re still trying to sort out what customer relationship management (CMR) really is, you're not alone baby. The term has been bantered around and used so widely and in so many ways that its definition is getting lost.

Yet it’s important to remember that building profitable customer relationships will never go out of style. That is not greed it is a business fact. From the corner store to running international companies, the following 12 principles will remain the bedrock of… Continue

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Search Engine Optimizing for Search Success

When you optimize your web site you want to get ranked for the most competitive terms that you compete in. If I were going to really do this and do it well I would have a page that can be dedicated to ranking for any given keyword I wanted to “own”. If I was selling running shoes and wanted to rank well for Nike, I would have a page that presents my Nike offerings in a way that would propel it to the top of the search key words. You would want it to be structured so it would take in the… Continue

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CD-Rom as a Tool in Your Next Mail Campaign

In a direct mail campaign the use of a CD-Rom can pound home your message like no other way can. Yet to maximize the value of this kind of promotion you need to ensure that the multimedia message you put on the CD or DVD be clear, persuasive and completely user friendly.

You will find heat many of the requirements for mailing a CD or DVD are the same as if you were mailing out a paper promo piece. The package design is important because it provides the framework that drives the… Continue

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Trends in Loyalty Programs

70% Offer free enrolment to customers

15.5% Tier their fee structure and rewards program

73.7% Supermarkets and grocery stores with loyalty programs

64.7% Hotel and restaurant with loyalty programs

Source: Direct Marketing Association, June 2008 sample of 250 respondents

Larson note: Why should a person buy from you again (and again and again)? Are you that much better than the competition. We all may like to think we are but with all things… Continue

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The Week Ahead for September 29 – October 3

Monday: August Personal Income and Spending

Tuesday: September Consumer Confidence; July Case-Shiller home price index

Wednesday: September Institute for Supply Management index; September Vehicle Sales; August Construction Spending

Thursday: August Factory Orders; Weekly Initial Jobless Claims

Friday: September Employment Report; Institute for Supply Management Services Index

Larson note: Most of these reports have little… Continue

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Graco moves into Social Marketing for brand success

If you’re a parent and a bloger you can play a major role in Graco’s new integrated marketing campaign that is being rolled out THIS week. I told you the big guys were coming to Social Media Marketing and now they are here!

Their “Ready for the road ahead” campaign kicked off on September 8th with the launching of a web site by the same name in which they are aiming to help parents pick the right car seat for their children as well as addressing the needs of parents who travel with… Continue

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What’s 2 Little Degrees?

The Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), in collaboration with the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), the Edison Electric Institute, the U.S. Energy Association and North American Technician Excellence, have launched the 2 Degree Pledge initiative. The Pledge offers simple steps—installing a programmable thermostat, ensuring proper maintenance and a quality installation of heating and air conditioning equipment, and adjusting thermostats—all of which… Continue

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Survey: Americans Can't Live Without Washers & DVRs

More than 80% of Americans say that they can't live without a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), according to a new survey of DVR owners commissioned by NDS, a provider of technology solutions for digital pay-TV. A DVR or personal video recorder (PVR) lets you record TV shows in digital format to a disk drive within the TV set-top box. NDS technology allows satellite TV subscribers to pause live TV, record, play back, rewind and fast forward their TV programs for viewing when they… Continue

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Staff Motivation and Compensation

Businesses are realizing free tea and coffee are not enough to keep associates content and happy. Many are resorting to offering free gym memberships, food, unique bonuses and flexible working hours.

When staff is happy, they are highly motivated; their work is a lot more detailed, they are faster and more efficient.

Thus the traditional motivation style is going the way of the dinosaur and new approaches to motivation are coming into vogue.

To me it’s all about… Continue

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Going Grid Free

Solar and wind energy devices are slowly coming down in price. Fossil fuel costs are on the rise. When will these cost changes intersect? Taking your home, office or factory off the grid and making it a green energy consuming facility maybe closer than you think.

I’m not talking ethanol, or Hydrogen but wind, sun, water. In my case wind and sun.

After decades of R&D and commercialization at all levels from big power utilities to home systems the costs of solar and wind… Continue

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The Week Ahead for September 22-26



Wednesday: August existing home sales

Thursday: August durable goods orders, August new home sales, Weekly initial jobless claims

Friday: Second quarter gross domestic product

Larson note: That was August this is September. After a very interesting week looking back at last month should, I think warm the heart. The government rebate cheeks were in full swing in the 2nd quarter and exports were up, but now, keep your… Continue

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