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Marketing Planning You Can Actually Do Yourself


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Making Warm Leads Warmer

I have always felt there are 3 parts to the buying cycle, awareness, evaluation and decision.

Now I will not say that telesales or teleprospecting can’t make cool leads warm but now with the advent of Social Media Marketing a you don’t have to hand off a bunch of icy cold sales leads to the telemarketing staff. I know it’s getting colder outside but please now you can now refine them to be (at least) luke warm from the start and have a greater understanding of who…


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There Will NOT be a Recession . . .

. .  So stop working like there will be and get out there while your competition hunkers down waiting.


Waiting for what?

Recession or not people need to buy things so why not you?

Recessions are personal. Make sure you are not having a recession and your competition is.


But honestly I don’t think there will be a recession.

Really I don’t. Why?


1st look at the job market. With unemployment standing at 3.7% this is…


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5 Numbers To Watch

There are numbers and there are numbers. In social media marketing and email marketing only a few really matter. If watched correctly, these numbers will help you get better results and give you a targeted direction to push towards.

1. Time of day. Are you east coast, west coast? What industry are you in and your clients in? When do they check out their sites online? These are all important things you need to be watching. We slight…


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We’ll Get You To The 20

1st and 10 at the 20. The RED zone.

I don’t care how much you push, how much you need that sale. Sometimes it is just not going to happen. Not just that but they don’t even want to talk to you.

Sorry Charlie. Prospects don’t want to talk to a salesperson until they are somewhere 80% down the sales process. By then solutions and specifications on any projects and needs are already set. If you can attain the status as a member of their "team" in…


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Getting Top Returns From Your Marketing


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