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4 Degrees Of Separation

According to Facebook there are now only 4 degrees of separation in the world. And you know they might be right.


For years, there's been a theory that every person is only separated by six degrees, or relationships. I found it sometimes hard to believe when one year when not thinking hard I found that I was only 3 degrees of separation from the President of the United States. Like WOW!


Then in comes Facebook, with its data of over 700 million people and their…


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Customers, Prospects, Engagements

As a lead generation – telemarketing company we are in a constant dilemma as we shift though and search for prospects, leads and customers for our clients.


We are suppose to be the miracle workers, finding golden nuggets where normal sales people cant or aren’t able to.


It’s a not nice world out there. We don’t always get want we want nor are we able to get the desired result we are looking for.


That is why I love the rule of #2. The rule of…


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Are You Yelping?

I have been playing a little bit, a very little bit with Yelp. It is not my main push as a marketing tool that being a B2B company but still I play just in case I have a client that needs to be there.


But how long will Yelp be around? Does it, can it make money?


Well, it doesn't! At least, not yet.




The company lost $7.6 million through the first nine months of the year on revenues of $59 million. They (industry experts) think…


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Cold Calling Brings Relationships

With so much emphasis being focused on Social Media Marketing these days it is easy to under estimate the power of the phone for establishing deep long lasting customer relationships.


What I think you need to remember is that of all the channels you can use for Marketing, Cold Calling is still one of the FEW ways if not the only way to be proactive in your marketing attack. Everything else waits for the prospect to contact you! With cold calling you go out and contact the…


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