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The Personality Of Business

Your company, your brand, your product, your service has a very distinct personality and more times than not that personality is you!

Your personality is how customers perceive you for better or in some cases for worse.

Your average advertiser / marketer has been getting away with selling only a great product or a fantastic service and leaving out the personality behind the brand. So where do you stand. Do you manage your company’s image and perception? Does…


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The Law of the Customer

By Brian Tracy

The customer always acts to satisfy his or her interests by seeking the very most and best at the lowest price possible. Customers practice economic calculation in their choices. They seek to minimize their purchases and to minimize their costs, or outlays. Customers always attempt to get the things they want the fastest and easiest way possible, right now, at the lower possible price. This is not a problem. This is merely a fact of business life. Customers want…


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Why Mail?

Email vs. Snail Mail? Is there a choice? Should there be a choice? What is the right marketing vehicle for your company? Do you even care?

The average email open rate that I have been reading lately is 22.1%, which means that 77.9% are deleted without even a look, and that does not count the ones that are kicked back with bad addresses. Blanked out. Poof, gone never to return to the light of a computer screen.

If that was a Snail Mail piece it would be like…


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Link With Influencers

So there you are out there on the vast world of Social Media all alone. To continue on yesterdays linking thoughts to get your web page listed higher up in the Search Engines.

Ask yourself, who are the people in your TARGET market that have the most influence? Don’t mess with people in your industry, not that you should not follow people of knowledge in your industry or profession but they are NOT going to buy anything from you. You need to attach yourself to the people who…


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SEO Generation For Links

There is no question that the incoming link to a website from some other site is gold.

In starting a SEO-Linking strategy the first thing to do is to link all of your businesses social profiles together aiming at your website. This will help your name and your “brand” in taking and holding onto the search results of pages in a brand name search and or even a market oriented search.

After placing your link on your social media home pages you need to put your…


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Saturation Mail

A saturation mailing can be a valuable tool when you are looking to reach a broad based audience in a local area.

“Carrier route saturation” is a class of Standard Male offered by the US Postal Service to marketers who are looking to hit on virtually every address in a zip code. A beauty parlor might saturate a single carrier route while a big box store might hit on everyone in an entire zip code. There is no exact figure but if you do a saturation mailing you can usually get…


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The Synergistic Web Site

In an online marketing plan and attack your main website is your base of attack. It contains the elements of what your company is, what it sells and what its primary goal of service/products are.

Yet if your site is lost in the great abyss of the 38th page of a google key word search what effect can it have on your overall companies marketing and sales attack? 3 things:

1) Explain to the world who and what you are

2) Be there for people and companies you…


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Social Media Is Free, Right?

Facebook is free.

Twitter is free.

MerchantCircle is free.

Foursquare is free.

LinkedIn is free.

Heck Social Media is all free! Right?

What’s your time worth? 2 cents?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is thinking that Social media is free. Every second you are on the clock is ticking. If your there for fun, go on and let the good times roll, but if you are there to make a buck or two, you had better buckle down and get…


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