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Leads To Customers To Partnerships

If we go by the numbers;

39% of senior marketers use customer retention as a top area of business need

75% of senior marketers find lifecycle marketing programs better than traditional programs

 6.7% expect to see growth in b2b marketing budgets

17% of b2b customers are satisfied with the online purchasing process

21.3% of a b2b’s budget is dedicated to product marketing


Now let’s look on the…


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Need A Social Media Expert?

After our blog of yesterday “Bing To Index Facebook” I have to ask the leading in question, Do you need a Social Media Expert on your staff or team?


As Social Media grows as an accepted form or marketing, advertising and sales do you need a Social Media Expert? If you are a Social Media enthusiast you are probably jumping up and down saying Yes! Yes! Yes! If not, you’re sitting there thinking ya right. Social Media is a bunch of busy bodies sitting around with nothing else to…


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Bing To Index Facebook

Bing has made an announcement that might prove to be a big hit, I mean a very big hit for those of us now are using Facebook as a Social Media Marketing tool and at the same time huge blow to Google’s dominance. Starting now, yes now, Bing is incorporating Facebook data into its search results. Been there and did some searches and yes it is up and running on the Bing search engine! So now if you search for something on Bing and you have activated Facebook results, you will see the…


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Holiday Email Planning

HO! HO! HO! Its’ that time of the year. Yes it’s time to start planning your holiday emailing.


If you have been at this a while you already have a list of email addresses you can use. If not here are some holiday tips to get you in the right direction.


Start with building your subscriber list with your Social Media F’s (you know, Friends, Fans, Followers) this might be your greatest resource in securing email address fast. IN addition it will cement your…


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Profit Loss Of Direct Mail

Most of you know that direct mail is one of the 3 legs of a Larson Target Marketing Plan. If you have been following us for any length of time you know the 3 parts are Direct Mail, Social Media Marketing and Telemarketing.


Most of my clients and maybe even you want to shy away from Direct Mail. I understand, there are (necessary) expenses involved. Yet it is or can be a crucial element to a complete program working on multi channels and levels. So let’s take a look at the…


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Are Likes A Positive ROI On Facebook?

While ROI can be hard to calculate on and in Social Media, one of the top ways people and companies are doing it is by the 3 Fs, friends, fans and followers.  With over 500 million people going in and out of Facebook alone it is a sizable place where you need to be in your Social Media Marketing attack, no matter if your B2B or B2C.


You are betting that your biggest fans are going to become your biggest marketer proponents in social media. That being said the more “LIKES” you…


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Social Media ROI

I have been spending way too much time pondering and thinking, reading and studying about Social Media and ROI. But then I am spending time, more time than it is worth (maybe) on this marketing channel. So where is the pay back? Where is MY ROI?


Is it the 3 F’s (fans, friends, followers)?  Is it the number of calls or emails of interesting in your product of service? Is it the number of actual sales? In all my studying and real time experience, it is or has become all of the…


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Reach Out And Call

We have more marketing choices than ever before. Yes, there is mail, there is email, there is SEO, there is Social Media, but don’t underestimate the phone. You can twit all you want, you can blast away you can fill a mail box but until you talk to the prospect and sell something nothing is going to happen. It can be their dime or yours but some way shape of form someone has to reach out and make the connection.


Those businesses and marketers who put all their eggs in one…


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