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5 Rules of Social Media Engagement

Social media can give you a huge marketing opportunity, but most companies struggle with their company’s social strategy, that is if they even have a marketing strategy at all. But in SM this is more because the rules are rather foggy. Marketers need to understand engaging with consumers and not worry about negative publicity. They're not sure how to start conversations and manage comments.

Successful SM programs don't have to be a problem. Start with sitting down and setting…


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Working Multiple Channels Is Not a Strategy

The number of marketing channels you have available to you has grown and is still growing. As you look out over the horizon of your world, you’re going to see all kinds of ways to push your business. As great as that might seem don’t get caught in the being everywhere and spinning your wheels in the abyss of too many marketing tools you are trying to use all at the same time. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Being everywhere is not a strategy, it is insanity.



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Social Media Does Have A Cost

Time and money, money and time, which is the biggest cost of Social Media (SM).

If you have not allocated your resources you had better sit down and do it. Social Media can eat up time faster than a dog eating a steak. If you have not allocated money, there are more Social Media sites out there you can buy into that will not put back a single dime in your wallet. Choose wisely.

Now I have adjusted my schedule to work in social media marketing and networking, so I am not…


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Taming The Social Media Animal

No matter that there is a chance at massive exposure of your business in the world of Social Media, the brand building power of getting friended or retweeted, the ROI possibility of a Social Media marketing campaign. Many companies question the value of time involved in a social online presence. Many feel over whelmed by all the choices that are out there. Some are strapped in my thinking that they need a marketing person to be working with them.

As a business person you have…


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Dos and Don’ts of Picking A Telesales Service

Every business yours, mine, are all looking for more ways to grow our businesses. Thus we need to find ways to generate more solid leads. If so, you might want to consider telesales.

Telesales allows you a chance for your business to get more leads using the telephone. Seems that quite often businesses find themselves in a difficult situation as they search for the right person to perform this part of their marketing attack. It can be a hard when an inexperienced and…


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Getting Your Online Talk Hooked Into You

At least for this year and into next if you want to be getting more activity you will need to find ways to coordinate your online social network marketing conversations to mesh with your social media and online presence.

As we go farther down the path of real time search, what you say, how often you say it and how you get other people to say it starts to become more important.

On this side of the computer screen we call it WOM or World Of Mouth Marketing on the…


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Clone Your Top Customer To Grow!

Want to grow? Want to grow fast? Want to grow profitability?

Ok, just clone your best customers.

Most companies have an understanding of the value of keeping a current customer over having to go out and find new ones. But even in the best of companies there is still an attrition issues.

New people come in; something goes wrong, company closes. Some of these issues are totally out of your control. So what’s a poor business person suppose to…


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Should You Expand Your Product/Service Line?

Things are getting better. At least I think so. But is it nice out in the land of business development and sales expansion? I don’t think so. As a business owner you start to wonder is it a good time to broaden our product line or go into other areas of services to attract a wider measure of companies or people to my business?

Diversification might look like a good way to go, but is it?

As a testament to narrow niching my own company to grow faster, companies will find…


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Quality In Your Marketing

How long is your sales cycle? How many people or companies are in your marketing nitch?

Looking at the B2B world, as a posed to the B2C side of business, Sales cycles are probably longer, there is more limited brand recognition. Trying to keep that sales funnel full and running can be a nightmare for the B2B Marketing Manager. So what can you do to keep you from walking round with your tale between your legs?

1) Project Your Target…


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Should your Business Use a Telemarketing Company?

Telemarketers charge you money to do something most people & business owners think they know how to do themselves. Telemarketers can make and some take a large volume of calls on your company’s behalf. Then there is the question of doing it as in in-house function or outsourcing it all. Like everything, there is a good side and a bad side to making the decision as to whether to establish telemarketing in-house, or to trust it to an outsourced telemarketer.

Being a…


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Are you a White Hat?

Search engine optimization, in as much as there are 2 sides to every issue, there are two hat colors to SEO, as with all things in life has a good, wholesome, fair and right way of doing things and a bad, unfair, downright bad way of doing things. To describe the two SEO methodologies the…


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7 Ways to Boost Your Web Site Rankings

There are many simple ways to boost your rankings in search engines so that more people will visit your web site. Some search engine optimization (SEO) methods are out-dated and others are just plain shady.

We will discuss seven of the best organic “white-hat” methods of SEO: things you can do for free to achieve higher search rankings (rather than paid options such as pay-per-click advertising).

For those of you who don’t know “white hat” methods are nice, good, wholesome,…


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Real Real-Time SEO

Ok let’s get real about real-time search engine optimization. For just over a year now

Goggle has been mixing social media content into its regular search results. If you do a key word search on something that is a current event you will see some SM sites popping up as the story unwinds. Well now Yahoo and Bing have jumped into the foray and now are doing real-time search. So if real-time was not important a month ago, well guess what, now it is!

The BP oil spill, the…


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B2B ROT (Return On Tweet)

Out of nearly 400 US Business Marketers 66% said that they are satisfied with the ROI of their twittering. The amazing thing is that 70% of these marketers spend only 30 minutes or less a day on twitter. 4 out of 5 marketers also said that they could not directly attribute any revenue to the micro-blogging site.

Some think that the effectiveness and relevance of twitter will fade over time but they are still out there pushing out their businesses messages. To the enthusiasts that are…


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Online Marketing Automation

Online Marketing Success

(1 to 5 with 5 being the most important)

Click-through rate

1 – 5%

2 – 12%

3 – 30%

4 – 41%

5 – 12%

Web traffic hits

1 – 5%

2 – 16%

3 – 32%

4 – 36%

5 – 12%

Marketing qualified Leads

1 – 1%

2 – 3%

3 – 15%

4 – 41%

5 –…


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Marketing to Sales Handoff?

Marketing Department Goals

(1 to 5 with 5 being the most important)

To Raise Awareness

1 – 0%

2 – 5%

3 – 15%

4 – 38%

5 – 40%

To serve as voice of the company

1 – 2%

2 – 9%

3 – 25%

4 – 34%

5 – 31%

To drive qualified Leads

1 – 1%

2 – 2%

3 – 12%

4 – 33%

5 – 52%



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The Measurement of Social Media?

1) Community Growth: Just home many members are you adding each and every month or week? Heck you can even ask yourself how many new members are you adding a day! You can ask what this number is when you compare the numbers of web site hits or forum post comment s or views. Are you getting enough and are you creating an individual benchmark for yourself?

2) Content Rating: Do you measure how effective a given article of post…


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What is your Social Media Marketing Goal?

So you are out there on who knows how many Social Media sites, but why? Do you really know or are you doing it because someone said you should, or your competition is or you have time on your hands to kill?

Get real! 71% of marketers say that their digital advertising objective is brand and image building. Do you know what your objective is?

71% - Building brand & Image

64% - Lead generation for follow up

52% - Direct sales of products and services



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What Time Is Going Into Social Media?

In looking at Social Media and Social Media Marketing, isn’t it confronting to know that when taken as a whole only 40% of B2B companies have a dedicated person to work on their SM Marketing Plans? Most have only a part time staffer or person paying any attention to SM. So how many eyes are looking and being involved in a company’s SM Marketing?

2% - None

27% - One

42% - Two

15% - Three

4% - Four

10% Five or more

Ok so you know what you’re…


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