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The Week Ahead for September 2-5

Tuesday: August Institute for Supply Management index,

Wednesday: August Auto Sales, July Factory Orders,

Thursday: Institute for Supply Management services index, Weekly Initial Jobless Claims

Friday: August employment report

Larson note: Look for good things in factory orders and the Supply Management Services Index. No facts just a gut feeling. I would still say you should be looking at hooking up with companies in steel and transportation, both rail and… Continue

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US Mobile Phone Use

263M Total Mobile Phone Users

37% Have Received Mobile Ads

22% Have Received Text Message Ads

8% Have Received Mobile Web Ads

Source: Limbo Q2 Mobile Advertising Report; sample 1,000 US adults

Larson note: Unless you’re a friend or a business associate you mess with my cell phone you get on my black list, period. There is only one reason to call me on my cell and that is because you need to talk to me. Your need is not necessarily My need so it better… Continue

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Wilh Wilhelmsen of Norway Moves Fleet to Malta

Wilh Wilhelmsen, one of Norway’s largest ship owning and operating firms, has gotten tired of the Norwegian government’s expensive and constantly changing taxing, rules and regulations. Thus in a bold move it has flagged out its Norwegian fleet to Malta. The family-controlled firm stock listed in Oslo, has opted against going along with the new tax system handed down by the Norwegian Government last year. The shipping industry has been fighting the changes along with a claim that it had to pay… Continue

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The Economy as we pull into September and Prime Time Business

I don’t know about your business but I know for a fact my company and most of the ones I do work for find summer months very hard to grow. People on vacations, kids home, minds other places than work.

The economy pulled out of a dangerous ground in July/August as we plodded along with the doomsayers telling us of the demise of the business world as we know it. This spring and summer, thanks to strong exports, has allowed our economy to grow, but of course the “experts” do not expect… Continue

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Boosting Under Performing Search Engine Campaigns

Is your Search Engine campaign on empty? The hits and clicks just not there? No pay back or good ROI on a search engine submission optimization program? Is your pay for click’s is click less? Maybe you might what to try an automate bid management process and put your time else ware for more important things. Once you have submitted a listing that adhere to the search engines’ guidelines; put it out there live, on the engines of your choice and used an automated bid process. You should measure… Continue

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New Lists and Databases – Auguest 28, 2008

New Lists and Databases – reference 81108

Complete Book Stores:

This file contains book stores including large chain sores, small neighborhood shops and on-campus university bookstores,

Count: 12,880, company size, annual sales volume, phone number.

Eventful Masterfile

This file contains users of Eventful, an online social networking platform designed to promote, share and create live events

Count: 4,000,000

American Society… Continue

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Blogs for Improved Sales Process in Business Social Networking

A blog can drive traffic, leads and nurture your leads in the sales process. To make the most of your blog you need to involve your readers, engage them entertain them link to other blogs or sites. With any luck you will get a recripercial link back to your blog form their network allowing you to reach out even farther. Business Social media in all about engaging your readers and followers. With a blog you are creating a discussion where you are the host. Interact, comment on comments, have… Continue

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Starting out with banner ads

Banner ads can be an exciting and excellent way to push your company and services with an audience that might be hard to reach using other forms of marketing.

Banners allow you to reach your target audience across multiple sites with a single buy allowing you to save on research.

There are 2 main kinds of banner ads, remnant networks which are performance ad networks that monetize unsold “inventory”; and vertical ad networks which offer premium “inventory” to advertisers… Continue

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Saturation Mailing

In an economic downturn you need to give a projection of being a strong stable company.

This will give you the look of a stable sound company and a major player in your field when the compensation is quite and not marketing hard and heavy.

At this time a tactic might be saturation mailing. Which is a process where you send a mass mailing out to every address in a particular area. Because saturation mailings are so easy for the Post Office to process they can pass a savings on to… Continue

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B2B Data For Marketing Justification

In good times as well as bad times marketing and companies need a way to measure what they are doing to help them allocate funds in the right direction as well as being able to justify and defend their spending.

Business to business marketers need to be able to detail everything from web site visits to lead inquiries to qualified leads to appointments set off a telemarketing attack. We must be able to identify top performing lead sources and it’s ROI (Return on Investment) but each… Continue

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