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Where Is Web Advertising Money Going?

Working off of yesterdays blog “Closing the web sale” (if you missed it go back and have a look/see) I am taking us into where your competition is or might be going in their web marketing attack. Now let’s be clear this is a poll of major businesses not small fish who want to control their personal pond, or should I say Big Fish in a Little Pond? Never the less, it will show you where money is flowing to, at least by the heavy hitters.

39% - Paid Search

13% - Affiliate…


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Closing the Web Sale or Not

So you finally did it. You sat down and put up or reworked your web site. Wonderful but did you take into consideration the new matrix of online selling?

These days it seems customers don’t just shop in a store or on the web, they are shopping both places as well as using their social media networks. For some even their cell phones are coming into play. As a business you can and must do a better job of engaging customers as they go moving around the web and the streets of the…


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Remember Short Term Goals

You business probably has a 1 year goal. Heck you might even have a 5 year goal or plan, but do you have a 3 month or a 6 month plan? A shorter term plan to build the bridges to your long goals and keep you motivated at the same time?

In setting realistic and attainable short term 3 and 6 month goals, and then giving your best to achieve them is a good motivator while you work toward your longer goals. Additionally it makes those long term goals easier to…


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Is Social Media The New Sweat Equity?

If I have said it once I have said it a dozen times. When active in Social Media Marketing watch your clock. Set an alarm. Anything to keep track of the time you’re putting in. Social Media takes up time, much more time that it does money and time is money.

In the “Old Days” we called it sweat equity to building a business. Now here we are in the “information age” and we sell time and information so is marketing into Social Media the new sweat equity in building your…


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