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Is It Worth You Doing It?

Average ratio is

60 to 1 / calls to sales

1 of 10 cold calls leads to prospect appointment

1 of 6 appointments leads to sale


Most experts agree that it takes at least 5 ‘touches’ to finalize 80% of  sales.  The general statistics go something like this:

- 2% of sales are made on the 1st contact (touch).  These are usually people who have already done their research and know exactly what they want;

- 3% of sales are made on the 2nd contact;

- 5% of…


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It’s Really In The Outbound

How many emails, how many sales calls do I get by online web guys, SEO experts, get 2000 leads on line in a day people? Every week they hit me with their offers of more and more leads. It is wonderful to be loved. Now I admit my web site is nothing to write home about but it is getting the job done, people are finding it, reading it and some are reacting and even becoming clients. And as much as these wonderful people want to help they don’t seem to understand that in some categories with…


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Steps To Better Leads

I don’t know too many companies that went out for business because they did not have enough sales.  And in those sales there are 3 kinds all important but all different.

1) The One Time Sale.

2) The Repeat Customer

3) The New Customer


For today I will focus on finding the New Customer. In the process you will find The one time sale but isn’t what we want the new customer that becomes a repeat customer? Those are the bread and butter of a company. The ones…


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Getting More Out Of Your Leads

If you want to get more value in the leads you collect, you need to be consistent. Day in and day out you need to keep in close effective content. You need to speak to the ones you need to talk to when and how they want to be talked at.


Be relative, action oriented to get to where you and your potential customer need to be. If you have their best interests at heart you are doing them a service. You become a trusted advisor. Earn and keep that…


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ROI in Social? Just Show Me The Money!

They pour in, more and more each day. Marketers that want to or are using Social Media Marketing. They hear about it. They think that this is the ticket to help their sluggish sales. (The Larson Lead Generation Team could set them straight on getting more sales but they aren’t asking good old Uncle Howie) So guess again. A large percentage of professional marketers, 58% find that not being able to get a handle on the metrics of Social Media as a major problem. Is it? Most (75%) don’t even…


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