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Advertising / Marketing / Channel Usage For 2010

Considering this study was done at the end of last year, beginning of this year it will be interesting to see how the percentages all play out. This is the 4th year of this study done by Target Marketing. Happily 43.5% of marketers plan to keep budgets level with last year’s expenditures and 40% plan no decreases so that is the good news for people and companies like…


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SEO/SES Revisited

In the old days, 11 years ago, we would put up a site, list out key works on the home page, pack in Meta tap key words and describing and then submit the site every 15-16 days. Those days and the revenue that they produced are gone. Did they work? Yes back then they did. But times have changed with things such as real time search, on-line pr & blogs and social…


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Repetition Is The Key

Tuesday I brought out a little study showing how a majority of people are starting to look at 2 or more channels to make a buying decision and 30% are using 3 or more channels to make that purchasing decision.

It’s this due…


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How Many Points Of Contact Are Needed?

How many ways are you reaching out to your customers and prospects? 30% of buyers use 3 or more Points of Contact or Channels to research and get ready to make their final buying decision. In a survey done by ATG here is how they washed out:…


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Getting Mail Read

Getting Mail Read

You have it written, designed and printed. Will they open or read it?…


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2 Year Shift Towards Direct Mail vs Email

In a recent study people wanted companies to contact them in a growing trend towards print and direct mail rather than being contacted thru e-mail.

I know that I have got freer with my spam button trying to ward off the chronic spammers that fill up my email account.

Direct Mail +6%

Email -5%

*CCB fast.MAP 2009 Marketing GAP Research

Larson Notes & Satire: I love mail! I like to see things in my REAL mail box. I will at…


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Social Media: Friend or Foe

When trying to work your message out though the web of Social Media we can find ourselves stonewalled. It makes no difference how main street SM has become, it is a basic shift in the way we were use to working from just 3 years ago.

As you build and work into SM you need to develop a base and a plan of action. With so many people starting to use SM, to talk on SM, you need to build an awareness of building strong relationships with your existing customers and to develop…


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Poor Measurement Makes For Bad Appraisal Of ROI

If you don’t track what your SM sites are doing you have no idea what is working and what is not. If you’re tracking the wrong stuff you can go way off course, especially with it comes to Social Media. It becomes very easy to fall into the trap of measuring activities and not results.

Activities are how many names you collect on twitter of any other SM site and not just the results those activities actually bring. If it does not net you a sale is it worth the time and effort?…


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Setting Goals To Earn Your Success

If you have never tried goals setting, you might want to think or reinvent this powerful way to have or get things to happen the way you want to have them happen. Now that is really not a lot of double talk. Goal setting is about thinking about your future, motivating yourself into action and making a vision become reality.

When you are using the process of goal setting you are choosing where you want to go in your life. When you know where you are going. It becomes your road map to… Continue

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