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Coffee Retailers Giving A Better Cup Of Coffee!

Coffee. Yes I have been known to drink a cup or 2 or 3 or 4. Now I’m happy to report at there is a movement in the coffee retaliating world being driven by both retailers and coffee drinks like myself to put up a better cup of java!

This wave of better coffee is a trend by retailers to engage in a direct trade with coffee bean farmers by a desire to serve the best quality coffee and by a growing demand to know where the beans are coming from and how they are being…


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Using Variable Data, Keep Messages Relevant!

If I was going to make 1 and only 1 recommendation for anyone that is even thinking to using variable date printing as part of their marketing attack, that would be to have a pointed relevant message that talks directly to your target audience. You can use all kinds of various kinds of segmentation, form SIC numbers, to geographic to demographic, but if the message you project is meaningless to them, you just wasted time, money and effort. While many people go to the en’th degree with their…


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People Want Paper!

According to a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Earthtone, a company specializing in comparison pricing for printers, 64% of US adults say that they would rather have printed media because it is easier to read than in a digital form. In addition 68%, that’s more than 2/3’s say they feel more comfortable reading something on paper rather than on a screen.…


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The Color of Print Advertising

Color, it is all around us. But what does it mean? When the head line of your brochure is in red or purple what are you conveying to your target audience? Every color does say something. Colors might not be a clear as the words you say or write but there is a message that is conveyed. So you might want to think before you get out your PMS book or using the color or your daughter’s eyes. You…


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Critical Role Of Segmentation

We all need to be more cost conscious, get a higher ROI. Many companies have invested very heavily in attitudinal studies and ways to gather and apply segmentation. If you go into segmentation you should be able to get a very accurate personality type for the kind of person or company that is your ideal customer.…


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6 Ways To Thrive With Direct Mail

As a rule, Target Marketers are very cost conscious and very nose to the grind stone type of people, looking at our customer’s ROI constantly. 2009 was not a nice year (duh!) and if made me and others like me look ever harder than before to find hidden efficiencies in our service and refine our techniques. So now that we are 2 months into 2010 direct mail is and will continue to be a very…


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The 6 Basic Buying Motives

What are the buying motives that would cause a person to go from no to maybe to yes? There are so many false objections running around that it might confuse the average salesperson. But not to worry; really they can all fit quite neatly into one of the 6 basic categories. Once you are able to identify the category that the prospect is in you can then concentrate on matching your product or…


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16 Candles to Build Your Sales

The Platters had it right in 1953. “Sixteen candles in my heart will glow forever and ever for I love you so.”

It was my birthday last Tuesday. Yes March 16th, so here is my birthday present to you 16 candles to build…


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Direct Mail And The Purchasing Funnel

How can your direct mail program influence purchases at all levels in and around your business?

Direct mail has one goal to inspire a purchase no matter if it is a microwave or a robotic spray booth. Seems this days many…


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The Week Ahead March 15-19, 2010

Monday: February Industrial Production



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What I Learned From Social Media

Web 2.0, Social Media Marketing, whatever you call it, it is less a concept about technology than it is about the 4 Cs connectivity, communication, creativity and collaboration. It is also about peer to peer networks that are transforming direct marketing as we once knew it.…


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Don’t Cut Prices

So we are still in a down turned economy. Did you think that we would just bounce back out of this thing and go on our merry way? The world has changed. Some for the good, some for the bad. But it has changed, forever.

If you…


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The Value Of Direct Mail

You’re out there web site, email, blogging working every cross channel you can think of, so does the war horse of marketing, a direct mail piece fit in? Effective cross channel practices require personalization and a means to capture and track purchases and preferences to the intended nitch. Businesses who want to promote events, sales or services should be taking advantage of what only mail…


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Direct Mail the Newest (?) Marketing Tool

Direct mail isn’t the latest or most sophisticated marketing tool around. It does not get the big press like mobile or Social Media but it might still the most reliable marketing tool you can use.

No matter if you’re using a #10…


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The Week Ahead March 8-12, 2010

The Week Ahead March 8-12, 2010



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How Underdogs Win Sales

So you’re not the biggest dog out there. That doesn’t mean you put your tail between your legs and go home? Do that and you are out of business, out in the parking lot with your feet sticking straight up into the air? Is that what you want? I don’t think so.…


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