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Shifting Factors, Shifting Focus

There are many factors which can affect the way we choose to solve problems.

There are many factors which can unexpectedly enter our lives and alter the shape of our beliefs about certain things.

There are many factors which contribute to how we use our time and the things we choose to pursue with our time.

There are many factors which affect our plans - no matter how carefully constructed the plans are.

And, of course, there are many factors which…


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Why Would Linkedin Take Down A Motivational Networking Group?

From "Why Keep Strong!"

I open this new iteration of my blog with this simple, straightforward question: "Why would Linkedin Corporation take down a motivational networking group?"

The group was called "Keep STRONG!"

To help you understand the character of the group which Linkedin suspended, here is its original description:

"It is NOT your job to help those who seek to drag you down, to weaken you.… Continue

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Another L.I.O.N.: Linkedin’s Ignorance Of Networking

Can you do a brief mental experiment with me, please?

Take just a moment on this: Try to visualize going through the course of your networking year WITHOUT having to encourage someone in your network or without someone in your network having to encourage you.

Just imagine that for a moment. Just imagine a networking year without the concept of encouragement entering into it.

If you have a large network of, let’s say, 500+ people, I think it would be virtually… Continue

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Add These Professional Groups To Your Linkedin Profile

Below is an extensive listing of the Linkedin-centric companions to the professional networking groups on

All of the groups are associated with groups you belong to either on Yahoo Groups or on

Check the list for the group(s) appropriate to your professional networking missions.

Group descriptions are available during the…


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Two options for sharing your discounts on Brandergy Discounts

First Option:

1. Go to group's homepage at:

2. Go to section labeled “Discussion Forum”

3. In that section look for a green + sign with “Start Discussion”

4. Click “Start Discussion”

5. In the “Start a New Discussion” section you’ll find the following 4 labels”

a. Discussion Topic

b. Post

c. Tags

d. Attach File(s)

In the “Attach…


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Invite Me 200!

Want to grow your network? Invite Me is a social networking group for business professionals who know what their professional networking needs are: meeting the right people. And guess WHAT??? Invite Me just reached TWO HUNDRED members, today! :-) So, if you haven't joined and/or haven't started checking out the benefits of being in our fastest growing networking group, I invite you to join Invite Me!:

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My Linking Power Forum Is A Top One Million Site! :-) (According to

Though My Linking Power Forum is only 10 days old, we have just gone over 1,200 members and have just cracked the Top One Million sites! :-)

According to, we're ranked 902,469 lol

Not bad for a week old platform! :-)

Now, if we can just get you to invite your friends to come network with us so we can get ahead of those other 902,468 sites! :-)

More seriously: the new site for My Linking Power Forum is LOTS of fun and it should help you…


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Can't Rename Facebook Group So, How Do I Delete A Facebook Group ?

Facebook doesn't permit you to rename a group so, if your mission for a group is no longer viable, groups can't be renamed.

For example, if you have a Facebook group called "Celebrating2007", that group can't be renamed Celebrating2008, Celebrating2009, Celebrating2010, etc.

Thus, if you are no longer celebrating 2007, the group dedicated to that purpose gets "frozen in time". [wink, wink]

So, how does a Facebook group creator delete the group called… Continue

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If There Is A War For Talent, Why Is It So Hard For You To Find A Job?

In my industry of choice, the recruitment industry, there is the long standing mantra of "a war for talent". As a Recruiter, I know all too well how fierce it is to find clients, find candidates, and to bring them together in a timely fashion in order to get paid for doing so. I'm also aware that the US Economy lost more than 80,000 jobs in the month of March 2008, alone. But, here's my question: "If there is a war for talent, why is… Continue

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My Favorite Thing About "The Emergence Of The Relationship Economy"

When my friend, Margaret Orem, sent me a copy of "The Emergence Of The Relationship Economy", I was up to my proverbial eyeballs with projects, tasks, business and personal relationships. Thus, though I eagerly wanted to read the book co-authored by my friend, Margaret, I could not read the full book all in one sitting - which is what I prefer to do. I feel that when a friend sends me a book, I should crank up the coffee pot and…


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Linking Sales PROS On Linkedin Groups and

Linking Sales Pros has two purposes:

1. Helping Sales Professionals to sharpen their networking skills and,

most importantly,


Join us on Linking Sales PROS on Linkedin Groups at:

Talk to us on at the new home for Linking

Sales PROS at:

(If you haven't yet joined My… Continue

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Linking Security On Linkedin Groups and

Linking Security is a forum focused on bringing Information Security Professionals together to network and to discuss the security industry, careers, and in-depth technical aspects of security designed to better protect computer users.

You can network with us on Linkedin Groups at:

Talk to us on at the new home for Linking Security:… Continue

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