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Thank You...and Happy New Year!!!

Though I started the original Power Forum in 2005 to help members strengthen themselves in terms of professional networking, I could not end this year without offering my deepest thanks to those members who strengthened *ME* in 2008...

I'm still not quite prepared to thank all the members individually by name but, I count myself as being super-blessed to have encountered so many super people over the past 4 years - but, especially those super people who raised their hands to help… Continue

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The Aggravating ARROGANCE Of AOL's AIM!

I've never been the biggest fan of AOL's AIM instant messenger. And I haven't used AIM in probably 3-4 years. However, because I have lots of friends who like it, I occasionally revisit using it from time to time. Within the past week, I re-installed it just to make it easier for some of my key friends to IM with me. But, guess what? I just can't take the OBNOXIOUS ARROGANCE of AIM!

For example:

1. AIM automatically changed my browser and added AIM Search, AIM Mail, New IM, IM… Continue

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Why Post To 100 When You Can Blog To 5,000 Members?

I'm curious about something: Why would you post a general message that limits you to sending a message to 100 members when you can blog instead and make the message available to more than 5,000 members on - AND on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.?

Let me see if I can clarify what I'm noticing on Ning:

  • 1. Members of frequently send out general messages to a list of friends.
  • 2. Even if you have…

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Thanks Everyone!!


I'd like to genuinely THANK YOU for one of the best birthdays I can remember having. Both online and off, I was blessed to spend it with a good variety of wonderful people...I'm deeply grateful for what turned out to be a very meaningful and good day...

Thanks, and Keep STRONG, Everyone!!

Vincent Wright

Entrepreneurial Recruiter/Social Media Consultant | | |… Continue

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