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Bruce Lee plays ping pong with nunchuck.flv

WOW!! Bruce Lee plays ping pong with… Continue

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A Better "L-Word": Calling All Learners (Correcting The "Lurkers" Misnomer)


One of the blessings of being Founder/Moderator/Chief Encouragement Officer of is that not only do I get a chance to share my thoughts with lots of great people from around the world BUT ALSO I get a chance TO LEARN A LOT!

Sometimes, learning a lot from the power forum comes in a

straightforward introduction to new, previously unknown facts about business, careers, life, etc.

And, um, sometimes learning comes in the form of being… Continue

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Merging Social Media Sites...

With so very many, many, many sites there are some small sites with very good ideas but, budgets and, therefore, memberships are too small. So, to me, it stands to reason that since founders of social media sites are likely pretty good at networking they'd consider merging their social media sites in order to stimulate greater growth.

Ever hear of small social media sites merging?

+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!…


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The Un-Fixable Resume

Suppose it's non-fixable? Your resume.

Suppose you've organized the best of your most relevant work and accurately chronologized it but, even YOU aren't convinced that you'd even hire yourself for the job(s) to which you want to apply?

Suppose something even bigger?

Suppose your resume ISN'T the answer?

Are you not still someone worthy of MAXIMIZING YOUR LIFE as much as any other person on Earth?

This question is not for an infomercial. I'm… Continue

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What Race Car Driver Hasn't Wrecked A Car?

No one knows more about getting a car from Point A to Point B than a race car driver.

No one drives cars faster, more precisely than race car drivers.

Putting their lives at risk every time they step into the car to go to work, they must PRECISELY KNOW their car, their tracks(s), and all the idiosyncrasies of the track(s).

Yet, show me the race car driven who hasn't wrecked a car at least once, please...

Race car drivers aren't ASHAMED that they've…


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How Are You Planning To Prosper, Stay Financially Safe During 2009?

If you have electricity and ears, you've heard the predictions of economic doom and gloom for 2009. BUT, is there NOTHING you and I and our friends can do to offset as much as the prospective financial/employment damage? Can't we WRITE DOWN PLANS to cover our major areas of vulnerability over the next 12-18 months? If so, my question is this: How are you planning to prosper, stay financially safe during 2009?

Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

Vincent Wright

Entrepreneurial… Continue

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You Need Self-Promotion But, How Much Self-Promotion Is TOO Much Self-Promotion?

If you are a consultant or a small business owner and you don't promote yourself one thing is for certain: You WILL STARVE!!

So, there is no way of your getting around the necessity of promoting yourself and your business.

ON THE OTHER HAND, promoting yourself ad nauseaum to the same group of people can backfire and end up being counterproductive. Former supporters can get turned off and it could end up costing you money - the very thing you're engaging in…


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Why Do Experts Disagree So Much?


It's almost a "magical" word, isn't it?

You have a problem, you seek out an expert.

Being in the presence of a recognizable expert can even affect you right down to your very own breathing patterns. (Imagine being in the presence of Albert Einstein, Norbert Wiener, Bertrand Russell, Gilbert Ryle, Noam Chomsky, and experts of that ilk. If you are in their presence and aware of their accomplishments, your breathing patterns would likely be affected... much…


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When Do You Know You've Succeeded?

As he watched me start to feed the fish in his new fishbowl, the 8 year old little boy said: "Vincent, fish are stupid. Don't feed them too much or they will eat all that food and die."

Hmm.. Good wisdom and I'm glad that that, nor all the other bits of wisdom and humor I got from that young man, have left my mind since meeting him more than 20 years ago.

As an inveterate workaholic, I've experienced 20 hour days going by as if they were 20 minutes. Though it rarely… Continue

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