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Is PerfectNetworker Better Than BetterNetworker Or Is BetterNetworker Better? :-)

I like to network with my friends wherever my friends like to network. However, since friends have been inviting me to so many places, some of the places they've asked me to network at start to lead to interesting/perhaps even humorous questions.

For example, is PerfectNetworker better than BetterNetworker or is BetterNetworker better? :-)

If you're… Continue

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Are You Aware That There Are More Than 3,200 BLOGS On

In looking at the new members on this morning, it dawned on me that the platform itself now has more than 3,200 blogs. A blog for each member.

As far as the virality of the blogs, each blog on can be treated very much the same as you would a blog on Wordpress or Blogspot or Typepad, etc.

If you're friends with other members of, grab their RSS via your favorite feed reader such as Google Reader,… Continue

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The Very BEST Day I've Had With Linkedin In A Long, Long Time!!! - Linking Eyes To Find Missing Children"

If, as an end user, I grant myself permission to criticize Linkedin for issues I truly have a problem with then, I should also grant myself permission to say a "Hallelujah!" or two for those things which make me feel good about Linkedin.

I feel good about Linkedin today...

Case in point: Even as a die-hard group creator, there is one group which means more to me than almost any other: Linking Eyes To Find Missing Children. I hope I don't need to tell you why this… Continue

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Let's Do One Project Together (Introducing

To me, the essence of professional social networking can be summarized in one word: PROJECTS. currently points to to serve as a philosophical reminder that the very essence of social networking is projects... is a social networking project dedicated to using the extraordinary power of social media to find, create, COMPLETE, and PROFIT from PROJECTS!

It is bringing the awesome power of Linkedin… Continue

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Creating Another Linkedin Account (8.16.2008)

In spite of much misgivings and in spite of still having no clear idea what really happened to the Linkedin relationship I *thought* I was working on, today, August 16, 2008, I opened another account on Linkedin.

Since my series of nano-posts on were supposed to be *VERY* short, I'll keep this as Twitter-like as can be: I merely want the simplest possible professional relationship one can have with Linkedin. -

Thus, I intend to focus just on seeking… Continue

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Top 5 Mutual Realities: Why I Can't, Don't, Won't Work On 100% Commission

  1. Reality #1: You have a great company and a great product but need someone to professionally market it - to help your company make money
  2. Reality #2: I LOVE marketing, selling, introducing, recruiting, and most of the other person-to-person business-related functions companies need
  3. Reality #3: 99% of the money for your company went into building your company and/or into building your product/services
  4. Reality #4: Prior to bringing on a…

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Look What They Did To My WORK!!! This Is GROSS!!


Linkedin Corporation gets mad at me - and others - for using the trademark/brand "Linkedin" in our URLs, those of us who thought highly of Linkedin try to the best of our ability to stave off a useless fight, thus, we give up our domain names and look, just LOOK at what's happened to one of the domain names I conceived, paid for, marketed, championed, and moderated - RESPONSIBLY - CONSCIENTIOUSLY - for 3 years: Just LOOK at: !!!!!

QUESTION: My… Continue

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