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A Scientific Investigation Into "I Told You So!" by Vincent Wright (Written In About 6 Minutes...)

I was just teasing someone I'm coaching about some good news I believe she deserved and should have EXPECTED.

When she shared her good news with me, I jokingly wrote back that in addition to your good news, 'You deserve at least one "I TOLD you so!", too! :-)

For some reason, that particular "I told you so" resonated with me and reminded me of all the "I told you so's" directed at me and others I've witnessed throughout my adulthood.

Interestingly, when you think… Continue

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Use Brandergy To Add Power To YOUR Site

If your website is a bit lonely and needs a bit more linking power, link your site to!

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If you'd like a link back to your site, just let me know, ok?
+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

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Applying For A Job? You Need To Clean Up Your Twitter...

"More often than not these days, potential employers will take a look at a prospect’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media profiles. If you’re on the job hunt, you’ve got to make sure you look good not just in an interview, but online, too.


While Facebook is likely the first place a future employer will look you up, don’t think they won’t do all the digging they can do. They want to know if you have any deep and dirty secrets that would…


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Inverse xenophobia doesn't get rid of xenophobia...

Who needs television when we can entertain ourselves so deeply with variations on the theme of which group of "bad" people is the best group of "bad" people for us to fear?


To fear, to loathe, to despise an entire group of people BLANKETLY is one of the greatest misfortunes we humans subject ourselves to.


Not even identical twins are "identical".  There are variations among all imaginable groups of people - even those yet to be disgorged from future test…


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What Race Car Driver Hasn't Wrecked A Car?

No one knows more about getting a car from Point A to Point B than a race car driver.

No one drives cars faster, more precisely than race car drivers.

Putting their lives at risk every time they step into the car to go to work, they must PRECISELY KNOW their car, their tracks(s), and all the idiosyncrasies of the…


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Ecademy Seeks New CEO

Via Thomas Power:
"Some of you maybe aware that Ecademy's former CEO Glenn Watkins departed May 31st 2011 after 13 years commitment to building this community. Penny and I would like to publicly thank Glenn for the huge contribution he made to this place since 1998. Glenn will be sadly missed by us all.

Ecademy is now seeking a new CEO to lead the group to 2020.…


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