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Poems Pertinent To Leaving Linkedin: "Limbo Losses" from How to Survive the Loss of a Love

No, I wasn't Linkedin's lover - and Linkedin wasn't mine. But, when someone asked me whether I'd started having withdrawal symptoms from not going to for the past couple of days, it reminded me of this wonderful little book called "How To Survive The Loss Of A Love" (by Peter McWilliams, Harold H. Bloomfield, and Melba Colgrove

Here's an excerpt to see if you can relate:

LIMBO… Continue

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Shifting Factors, Shifting Focus

There are many factors which can affect the way we choose to solve problems.

There are many factors which can unexpectedly enter our lives and alter the shape of our beliefs about certain things.

There are many factors which contribute to how we use our time and the things we choose to pursue with our time.

There are many factors which affect our plans - no matter how carefully constructed the plans are.

And, of course, there are many factors which…


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Why Would Linkedin Take Down A Motivational Networking Group?

From "Why Keep Strong!"

I open this new iteration of my blog with this simple, straightforward question: "Why would Linkedin Corporation take down a motivational networking group?"

The group was called "Keep STRONG!"

To help you understand the character of the group which Linkedin suspended, here is its original description:

"It is NOT your job to help those who seek to drag you down, to weaken you.… Continue

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Another L.I.O.N.: Linkedin’s Ignorance Of Networking

Can you do a brief mental experiment with me, please?

Take just a moment on this: Try to visualize going through the course of your networking year WITHOUT having to encourage someone in your network or without someone in your network having to encourage you.

Just imagine that for a moment. Just imagine a networking year without the concept of encouragement entering into it.

If you have a large network of, let’s say, 500+ people, I think it would be virtually… Continue

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Add These Professional Groups To Your Linkedin Profile

Below is an extensive listing of the Linkedin-centric companions to the professional networking groups on

All of the groups are associated with groups you belong to either on Yahoo Groups or on

Check the list for the group(s) appropriate to your professional networking missions.

Group descriptions are available during the…


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