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Do you click on unexplained links emailed to you?

In this day and age, I don't click on links without explanation and without conversation...  

Hyperlinks can do irreparable damage to our computers so, I encourage you to invest a bit of time in explaining your link and why you want us to click on the link...  

Further, sending just a link is comparable to tossing a bone.  If the business is legitimate, if the business is meaningful, why not take…


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Social networking REQUIRES human memory

Social networking REQUIRES human memory. Human memory REQUIRES branding.

#BrandingMeaning #BrandingMemory #Samskara

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Two Voices

People have two voices:

  1. the one they speak TO you with and
  2. the one they speak ABOUT you with ... (If both voices are the same, you have a person you can trust.)

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"Meaning" means context

"Meaning" means context.  No context, no meaning.

#ContentByTheHand #ContextByTheHand #LinkedinByHand #Meaning #Fivality @Brandergy

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The Distracted Deep Diving Whale

IMAGINE if you're a beaked whale, can dive deeply & can hold your breath for 2 hours but, when you prepare to dive, you get DISTRACTED.

#Preparation #Concentration #DeepDiving #Distracting #Interruptions

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