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Constructive Venting

In my coaching sessions, I make clear to those I'm working with that it's okay for them to vent to me - privately.

None of us can get through an entire life without venting - nor should we permit ourselves to be cornered into believing that a life without venting is even possible.

Yet, looked at from a certain perspective, venting represents energy - a LOT of energy!

During times when things are challenging us the most, we need the most energy we can get. And… Continue

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Powerful New Ning Aggregator

Ning now offers a much needed way for us to aggregate our interests,
photos, and links via our Ning profiles:

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The Arrogance Factor

How do we NOT factor it in?

As we're factoring in the things which matter in professional networking, how do we not factor in the cost of arrogance?

There's a startup that interests me - VERY MUCH.

In order to help that startup get off the ground, it will take the best effort I can imagine.

Over the course of the past several months, I've frequently wanted to roll up my sleeves to help that startup out. I've wanted to help primarily because of the…


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Forget Perfection! Succeed WITH Mistakes


How can I say this?

I wish I could figure out a way to be mistake free but, after spending several decades contemplating that intriguing little human concept called perfection, I think it's safe to say that mistake-free is not something that's going to happen to me. (And there's a good chance it's not going…


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