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Straight talk and facts on The President's gun control proposals to combat FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt)...

The “gun enthusiasts” have been running around claiming that “the government” “wants to take away all of our guns!” as well as trying to divert attention away from the reasoned, serious discussion of the best way to “ensure domestic tranquility” and “provide for the common defense” (both from the Preamble to The Constitution and, thus, the very purpose of it, not an afterthought).…


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The secret of "The Secret" and of Life

Or should I say I have "realized" the secret. Please bear with me for a moment...

At this point, I believe most people are familiar with the books, movie, and discussion surrounding "The Secret". If anyone has not, the movie site is here: - the book can be found on Amazon here: - and discussions abound. However, there is a secret to "The Secret"!

My life so far, has been much like most… Continue

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Election Dysfunction

No, that's not a typo. The recent election again raised the issue in my mind that IMHO, there's something wrong with our election process. I am not commenting on the outcome, just the process. Specifically, the process of selecting the Vice President, the person a heartbeat away from our highest office. The issue I have is that we, the people, don't get to select the person we feel is best to be in the second highest position in our government. We used to:

"Under the Constitution's… Continue

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Grammar went missing!

What happened to professional journalists? In the olden days, journalists were taught how to speak with proper grammar and use proper English. It seems those days are long gone. It's one thing for advertising to mangle the language but a completely different matter when one is getting paid (especially those that get paid LARGE sums) to communicate.

Just a few of fairly recent 'flubs':

CNN 1/3/09 10:22AM "both sides they are"

NBC 1/14/09 6:34 "a big hunk of cold air has… Continue

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Response to “Let the American People See” by Don Campbell

Congress has a long history of excluding itself from the laws and rules it enacts for everyone else. It is time to end that practice in its entirety. It is not acceptable to enact laws of the type “Do what I say, not what I do”. If Congress is not willing to abide by its own laws, how can it expect the rest of America to? What message does that convey… Continue

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Human rights vs. Citizen's rights

The US Constitution & Bill of Rights protect AMERICAN CITIZENS; those protections do NOT automatically extend to every human being in the world. US Citizens are entitled to a fair trial by a jury of their peers, foreign terrorists are not. The world should adopt a Human Bill of Rights that all countries adhere to that includes the outlawing of torture and a basic set of ‘laws’. This HRB would apply even if the government of a foreign citizen does not adhere to them (confusing I know).… Continue

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Networking etiquette

The beginning of this post is from one I did last year:

Whether it’s human or computer based, networking is synergistic. The whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts. When either systems are interconnected with other systems, there is greater power than when they are not.

In computer networks, the power of “the network” lies in the applications reachable through the network. In human networks, the power is in the reach of the network. In both cases, that power is… Continue

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