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Big Red Bulleye makes a policy change - Sign of the times or bad move?

As I do most mornings I was watching Good Morning America and across the bottom of the screen in their news scroll was an item which stated that Target had announced that they were removing from their employment application all questions pertaining to criminal records or offenses. Which poses the question above—is this a sign of the times or a bad move?

There is much that can be said for either response. In a letter dated August 29, 2013 the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in…


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Would you bake a third of a pie?

It is coming up on the holiday season and some of you will begin to bake cakes and pies for the celebrations which soon follow. Many of you will follow recipes that have been handed down over generations in your families. But what if someone came to you and said “This year why don’t you only make a third of a pie?” Sound ridiculous?

We in essence ask the same question when we make the statement we only do lean or we only do six sigma. This is like cooking a third of a…


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There is something missing out there

Human Resource Executive magazine in their September 16 issue reported the results of the 2013 “What’s Keeping You Up at Night” survey. As in past years 35% of the respondents replied that getting employees engaged within the organization. The ongoing solution was employee engagement surveys every 12-16months. While surveys are fine, they tend not to explain some of the reasons for the non-engagement

Without exception every organization is seeking to find and retain engaged employees…


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