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Slow Dance With Me

My son is a Production Designer in the film industry.  He and his friend have a fledgling movie company Stella Maris and they just released their first short film, about 5 minutes in length.  It is available to see on Amazon Prime and the title is "Slow Dance With Me."  Please take a few minutes to watch it at …


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Saving the Bacon

NumbCrunch is a high-tech company that  pioneers innovative solutions for rapid analysis, optimization, and assurance of system of systems and processes to a variety of government and commercial customers.  One of their core capabilities is data analysis.  NumbCrunch has a strong quality focus and joined the US Air Force mentor-protege program to…


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Confusion Will Be My Epitaph

When Process Documents Are Not Useful

When writing a procedure often the author does not understand how to properly document the steps.  Rather than simply telling someone HOW to perform the process, the author instead documents a set of requirements that people must meet.  A procedure written in this manner allows people to perform the procedure in…


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The Next Y2K-like Problem?

Are technology and social media the next looming management problem?


With people living longer (there are currently seven living generations) and the retirement age increasing, there appears to be more of a gap between the generations than in the past.  As a baby boomer I remember the slogan from the 60s “don’t trust anyone over the age of 30.”  And there was…


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Road Fly Over Collapses in Kolkata, India

Having been in Kolkata several times over the past 5 to 6 years, I recognized the city from the photos before I read the location of this disaster.  http://www.foxnews.com/world/2016/03/31/rescue-crews-frantically-searching-for-150-believed-trapped-after-deadly-overpass-collapse-in-india.html?intcmp=hpbt1

This is a…


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Turning Around a Department in Trouble

Acme Computer is a full-service hardware and software design, development, manufacturing, and after-sales support company that manufacturers a specialty computer for commercial use.  Acme has several departments:  Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Product Development, Shipping/Receiving, and Engineering Services.  Engineering Services consists of product…


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Client Success Story

A large systems integrator, SysInteg, has multiple divisions and contracts, some with various Federal Government agencies.  SysInteg’s flagship contract, Continuity, has been in place for many years, earning multiple contract extensions.  Recently the government instituted a policy change regarding awarding/renewing contracts with large companies.  The new policy is to…


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Combating Process Shelfware

What shall it profit a business, if processes are documented, and then not used?


Making the effort to define, document, implement, and deploy processes requires a significant investment of resources (people, tools, facilities, time, and money).  So why do companies make the investment and then let it all go to waste? 


Here are…


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2015 Art Directors Guild Nomination

My son Walter Schneider has been nominated for the 2015 Art Directors Guild award for his work on the film "Trumbo"


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2016 TSP Symposium Mexico

I am a presenter at the TSP Symposium in Mexico City Feb 23 - 24, 2016.  This year is the first time this symposium is held outside of the US.  If you live in Mexico or there on business in February, please make plans to attend.

Here is a link to my presentation abstract:


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Successful Change Is an Executive’s Duty

Commitment Means Taking Responsibility


As companies and organizations grow in size, the executive leadership gets further removed from the work performed and the core capabilities of the organization.  When there is an attempt to drive change from the bottom up, that usually indicates a lack of executive commitment and sponsorship.  When there is a…


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Coaching and Appraising

For those of you just getting to know me and/or are inquiring about my recent professional work in the US, China, India, and South Korea, I hope that this blog post will provide sufficient information to answer your questions.

2014:  Enabled an organization to standardize and statistically stabilize its software development processes in less than 18 months by teaching them how to quantitatively manage performance, conducting regular status and document reviews, and appraising…


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When Disaster Strikes

Effects of Disastrous Impacts on Business Operations Can Be Mitigated


The recent flooding in South Carolina reminded me that many businesses do not take the time to adequately plan and prepare for when there is a significant disruption to normal operations.  This result should come as no surprise as disastrous interruptions have a low probability of…


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Organization Optimization Questionnaire

I recently read a very interesting LinkedIn article that listed the following questions when you are in a discussion with Executive Management.  The answers to these questions could lead to some YEScipes!


1: What is the greatest profit, success, or culture generating behavior that you do?…


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Implications of Volkswagen's Current Problems

Obviously Volkswagen has to take some immediate damage control measures. But this problem has widespread implications for the Volkswagen corporation, all worldwide dealerships, the service departments, the shipping companies, the storage facilities for the finished cars, potentially Volkwagen's suppliers (if this turns out to be a supplier issue), etc. In point of fact, one the primary reasons that the CMMI for Acquisition (CMMI-ACQ) model exists is because General…


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Key Elements That Affect Making Effective and Successful Changes

Resistance Happens:  Whether the change is perceived as positive or negative, resistance is inevitable and disruptive

A fundamental truth of life is that there is always resistance to change.  Even changes that are positive (getting married, having a child, getting a promotion, etc.) cause disruptions that result in some amount of…


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Businesses must prepare for new generation of cyber risks

In addition to risk assessment, process assurance is just as important to securing your business.Businesses must adequately prepare for their cyber risks.

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IIBA Webinar on BPM

If you are an International Institute of Business Analysts (IIBA) member, please join us next Thursday September 17, 2015 for a panel discussion on Business Process Management (BPM).  BPM is one of the perspectives in the IIBA Business Analyst Body of Knowledge (BABOK) Guide v3.  

BPM Q and A Webinar 

I am one of the three expert panelists.

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Why Do I Need a Consultant?

Here is a great article for consultants.  There is a list of five good questions to ask to frame the discussion.


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