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Leadership Traps: Communication Without Communicating

Depending upon where you're from, or what…


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Should A Leader Swear?

A prolific leader by the name of Spencer W. Kimball once noted: "Profanity is the attempt of a feeble mind to express itself forcefully." How many people would agree with that statement? It's also been mentioned that a person who uses profanity to continuously express themselves is only showing their limited command of basic… Continue

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Renew Your Energy

We all have a battery pack within us that helps to sustain our personal energy throughout each day. Nope, I'm not talking about the meal we have in the morning with that fresh cup of coffee or tea, although that is a part of the overall energy equation. I'm talking about…


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How Good is Encouragement?

A while ago I read a story about an elderly man who approached the famous nineteenth-century poet and artist, Dante Gabriel Rossetti. The old fellow had some sketches and drawings that he wanted Rossetti to look at and tell him if they were any good, or if they at least showed potential talent.

After looking over the… Continue

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Looking for Something To Do? Why Not Give Reading a Shot!

When I wrote this, it was snowing outside, thanks to the courtesy of winter storm Albert coming up the East coast. My town was fortunate to only get 12 to 16 inches. Some other areas of the state got over 24 inches. Due to my injury this past summer, I’m still recovering and medically forbidden from all strong twisting motions that may cause me to… Continue

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An Annual Ritual: The Company Holiday Party

HolidayParty1 Today I went to an annual ritual enjoyed by many in the corporate world. Today was my company’s annual holiday party. Complete with raffles, cash bar and plenty of food, the atmosphere was ripe for mingling between colleagues. What I personally never fail to notice is how many people come to such parties and then basically sit by themselves with maybe one other colleague. At a similar company party many years ago, I asked one of my then colleagues, who told me he preferred… Continue

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But I Don’t Know How to Network with People!


At a recent event, someone I hadn’t met before came up to me and asked me for advice on how to network. I was flattered that the person asked me and puzzled at the same time. I asked him why he wanted my advice. He told me that he was observing me and noticed how easy it seemed for me to meet people and start a conversation with them. He also mentioned that I looked calm, relaxed and sincerely interested in the person I was speaking with. That last comment caught my… Continue

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48 Great Sites for Leadership Tips and Ideas


The internet is inundated with websites that discuss leadership ideas, nuggets, secrets and the like. Many require you to register or pay for a consultation. The sites below are free and are some of my favorites when it comes to leadership ideas and tips:

1. – website of Bill George,…

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Re-branding Yourself: More On Personal Branding and Some Great Resources


Radio City Music Hall was packed to capacity with many of the entertainment industry’s elite and television crews were ensuring that 27 million people were able to watch live. The show was not even an hour old when WOW, what a shock! The people in attendance and watching on TV the 2009 Video Music… Continue

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Re-Branding Yourself

I was recently at a great networking and professional development event in downtown Hartford, CT. Nope, not the “ getMotivated tour” with Colin Powell, Steve Forbes and others (even though I heard that was a great event in itself), but another one a day later organized by a few local professional organizations. The main keynote speaker gave a presentation about “Re-Branding… Continue

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How Strong Are Your Habits?

They say the secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine and the below addresses it very well. Although many have claimed fame to it, the official author is anonymous. I came across this a number of years back and it struck a strong cord with me then as it does now. I printed it out and I have it hanging on my wall in my office so that I can be reminded of the important lesson it reminds us of.

This has made such a strong impact on my life that I wanted to… Continue

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