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Do you connect with the same people in multiple online social networks?

As I was making quite a few new connections this morning on Twitter--with people in my hometown that I don't already know--and then reading an article re: automated direct messages (ADMs) via a link that Vincent posted--I realized that I have, for the most part, kept my professional and personal networks separate.

At this point, I spend most of my time in 4 networks online: LinkedIn, MVPF/MLPF, Facebook, and Twitter. For me, LinkedIn & MVPF are mostly… Continue

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I'm finally starting to 'get' Twitter!

Up until this weekend, I was still unsure of the whole Twitter 'thing', but I can say right now: I'm starting to understand the appeal of Twitter, and "I love Twitter!" One night recently, I even had a dream that I was logged on to Twitter, sending posts and responding to others! I've spent most of my time online, during the past 3 days, responding to the messages that I have new followers on Twitter, and trying to read some of their posts. (After caring for my kids and doing housework, I've… Continue

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Interesting Idea for Twitter

I just had a strange idea for Twitter, but I don't really know *how* to implement or *why*... There should be a reason to do it. Maybe someone can help me with that.

My idea: Have a virtual 'treasure hunt' through Twitter, going through different posts to find keywords or phrases, or even just different Twitter members... It would be fun, but again, it should be more than just 'fun.' There should be maybe a prize at the end, for the person who wins (finds all of the posts first). I… Continue

Added by Robin Burgoon on November 22, 2008 at 7:34am — 1 Comment

Yay; we saved some $!!

My husband just shared with me some GREAT news! He just met with our car insurance agent, & by updating our policy, we saved/will save $1600/year!!! I'm SO excited; that's the best news that I've had re: our finances in a LONG time! We were struggling to make our monthly payment, along with all of the other bills; there was no way that we could pay for 6 or 12 months of coverage at once. (I just had to use the last bit of money from a bank CD to make the most recent payment, and I can't… Continue

Added by Robin Burgoon on November 14, 2008 at 11:58am — 1 Comment

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