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Open Letter

Open Letter

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you’re a leader.” John Quincy Adams

Dear Reader:

I unequivocally stand up and speak out to recent egregious events, actions and words put forth by America’s leaders.  


The United States of America, as an ideal, is greater than all Americans combined.  However, our history…


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"Dirty Money" ~ written by Jessan Dunn Otis|Writer

“Dirty Money” ~ by Jessan Dunn Otis|Writer

Think of all the things you’ve done to “make money”.  That, in itself, is a ridiculous concept.  We don’t “make money”, the government does.  We, you and I, earn money.

I started earning money as a girl – granted an allowance for accomplishing certain chores.  Chores done, allowance paid.  No chores done, no allowance.  Some chores completed, partial payment.




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Fresh Night Air ~ #poem



There are moments that will always twang a heart –

like the sound of a plucked steel string guitar

echoing far beyond the resonance in a

    fresh night air


That was one of those moments,

embraced by winds of an oncoming tropical blow…


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Why I am a #Writer ~ essay

Why I am a #Writer ~ essay

Let’s begin by understanding one thing – I wasn’t always a writer.  After all, once I accomplished the required rudiments of beginning to become a human being – i.e. sitting up, eating human food, beginning…


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Breaking silence: we have work to do ~ essay

“Today, like every other day, we wake up empty/and frightened….” ~ Rumi

There are days when the world is too much with us – when the news reports are about the terrifying things we continue to do to each other, when an unexpected telephone call too early in the morning changes…


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