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Dyslexia – Learning About NOT Learning, Dyslexic = Gifted & Intelligent

Dyslexic = Gifted, Intelligent, Innovative

Dyslexia is not a disease. Dyslexics should not be classified as learning handicapped. Dyslexia is a…


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Reading, Speed Reading, Dyslexia, and Photographic Memory - What is the Problem?

Speed Reading vs. Reading:

a short synopsis of some basic differences and misconceptions...

How to gain the most from the written page is not found in the technique you learned to use…


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Invisible Messengers (or A Medicine Called Forgiveness)

The two year long battle between my oldest brother and me ended just in time for us to spend the last six months of his life as friends - and in time for me to learn a rather startling lesson from him.

I suppose siblings need to fight among themselves in order to gain strength and adequate skills to survive in the external world, much as bear cubs need to fight among themselves to prepare them for their world.

But I'm happy that my brother and I got…


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Brain Management, Mental Photography, Photographic Memory, and ZOXing

If you learned to read in the normal fashion, you may think I am telling you about a miracle - something too fantastic to consider as REAL. 

This is the way we are born

This is the Natural way we learn BEFORE we are taught to…


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Saving the Bacon

NumbCrunch is a high-tech company that  pioneers innovative solutions for rapid analysis, optimization, and assurance of system of systems and processes to a variety of government and commercial customers.  One of their core capabilities is data analysis. …


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Students get Good Grades with Mental Photography - Professionals Gain Too.

Mental Photography for students - “ZOXing”


Just imagine how much easier your life would have been if you had this available to you when you were growing up and a student. You can still benefit by learning this now.…


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Thanking GMPTrends.com for their support of Brandergy and Federalese!

Thanking GMPTrends.com for their support of Brandergy and Federalese!

I'm happy to share with you that GMPTrends.com is now supporting our community development work on both Brandergy.com and…


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How to Cure Developmentitus


(This article is written with the Self Help Industry in mind. The same problem undermines other industries as well. Free…


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NASA Administrtor Statement on Passing of George H.W Bush

NASA Administrtor Statement on Passing of George H.W Bush 

WASHINGTON, Dec. 1, 2018 The following is a statement from NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine about the passing of former President George Herbert Walker Bush:

"NASA and the nation mourn the passing of President George…


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Givers Gain. Yearnalism. Attractionese

Givers gain is worthless if it means giving up on your own passionate pursuit(s).  #GiversGain #Yearnalism #Attractionese

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On Reading Shakespeare

Once you FEEL it, never let anyone talk you out of reading Shakespeare.

  1. Some might try to sell you on reading Shakespeare based merely on Shakespeare's fantastic reputation throughout the centuries.  However, you should not injure your soul reading arcane things which you cannot FEEL.  
  2. BUT, if you are significantly experienced in life and have lost friends, fortune, and/or fame, spend a bit of time studying what Shakespeare expresses Sonnets 29 and 30 below:…

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A Fighting Spirit (or Where's The Quality Care In Rushing The Dying Into Eternity?)

The social worker said to me "It would be nice if she could just let go."

She said this - with the best of intentions - in reference to my mother who has been struggling with multiple myeloma since being diagnosed with it eight years ago.

Ordinarily this statement would not have caught my attention except that I had recently cautioned a friend about her penchant to rush through traffic.

We rush, we rush, we rush! We…


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How Was ZOX Pro Training Created?

How was ZOX Pro Training created?

Born out of Speed Reading...

Richard Welch, before he was known as the…


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Spotlight on Brandergy Member Joyce White Nelson (JoyceVentures.com)

As we all well know, no one's success is guaranteed.

Thus, it is a big-time pleasure working with thoroughly optimistic professionals like Joyce White Nelson who are not only optimistic but, who're also successful and *growing* in their success.

So, please take this as the strongest kind of recommendation I can make: You will not regret working with and getting to know Joyce White Nelson.

To find out more about Joyce, 

  1. Visit her…

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The Change Maestro's Daily Tip

In producing evidence-based solutions they are meaningless if we don’t measure, we won’t question #TheChangeMaestro #TLSContinuum…


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Defiantly Remembering My Father, Today...

Yes, today makes 52 years since he died but, so what? Time has nothing to do with the people we *truly* love.
One of the greatest things we can do with our stubbornness is to stubbornly hold on to the people we love...

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Cancer Frustration

I won't get overly emotional with you on this issue but, cancer's ugly head has frustrated the heck out of me for most of my adult life.

I'm sure that I'm not alone in this and that there is an ever-growing group of our members who are being introduced and re-introduced to cancer's plague on our families, friends, and societies.

For me personally, the frustration is compounded by the fact of…


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How to build up a Photographic memory? | Photographic Memory Exercises

 Many people trust their photographic  memory to be an astoundingly handy tool in life.

There are a few  photographic memory procedures that can be applied in the…


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The Brandergy Member With 3 PhD's... Dr. Craig Brown, PhD ... TBM #1

3 PhD's...

As its founder, I love interviewing the members of Scheduling Success here on Brandergy.com.

During my Skype conversation earlier today with …


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35,000 Decisions Every Day of Your Life – Are You Depressed Yet?

Decisions, Decisions, and more Decisions

Your Life’s Decisions are Weighed Against a Feather…

You Better Get it Right!


In the 1950’s, industrialization swept into…


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