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The Motivator's Manifesto

The unmotivated person is never the best person. Nor is the unmotivated community, neighborhood, company, school, playground, or child.

How can the unmotivated help ANYONE?

But what is beyond the reach of the motivated?

I am a networker.

Yet, how can I be a networker without being a…


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A Dude's Guide

A Dude’s Guide is a supposed to be a funny and insightful look into what it takes for a Dude to be a better person. We are not saying that we are exceptional, insightful or funny people; but we try. We will use our experiences and adventures and misadventures to try to help other Dude’s learn and contribute to this Blog.

We will start by using our unique viewpoint on fatherhood and the sticky mess made of it by us and (we believe) most men. We will take takes a fresh perspective on… Continue

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Men 2.0: About 11 Principles for Helping Men Be Modern Men - and STILL BE MEN!

Men 2.0: About 11 Principles for Helping Men Be Modern Men - and STILL BE MEN!

  1. Men 2.0; Principle #1: It's okay to visit the doctor BEFORE you're dying. #VisitYourDoctor
  2. Men 2.0; Principle #2: It's okay to tell those you love that you actually LOVE them.…

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Secret To Avoid Sales Slump

We all have slumps: Those times when you just can’t quite find or maintain your rhythm.  No matter how good you are or how long you have been in sales, sooner or later you're going to hit a sales slump.  Mandscratches head looking at down sales arrow

  That time when you can’t seem to close the sale despite your best effort.  When each call or conversation that you do get seems that much harder…


Added by Howard Larson on June 12, 2018 at 8:37am — 1 Comment

Natural Summer Spectacle - Sea Turtles at Rocktail Bay

The far northern Kwazulu Natal coast of South Africa hosts an annual natural spectacle that has remained unchanged for thousands of years. Every summer, hundreds of Leatherback and Loggerhead turtles complete their breeding cycle and emerge from the Indian Ocean to lay their eggs on this stretch of coastline – incredibly most returning to the exact beach on which they themselves hatched!

Witnessing a 250kg to 750kg Leatherback Turtle, averaging 1 ½ to 2 metres in length, heave… Continue

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Does the Secret Law of Attraction Work For YOU ?

Brain Management – Gain the Power of CLARITY

Recently, I was writing about another topic for the blog. That topic was "Mind to Mind – Integrity and Wellness – The Healing Power of Truth!" As you know, if you have been following my writing, I tend to build the clock – just to tell the time. Hopefully, I’m not boring you to tears at the same time. If that were to happen, I am sure that you would not want to stick around here. In the article I just mentioned, I stepped a little sideways… Continue

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Times are Tough! Are You “Trying Hard Enough”?

Are you plagued by falling short of inevitable success? Here is a revelation of how even the simplest things can cause us a great amount of discomfort. By learning about these, you may choose to take necessary steps to modify events in your own life to create a better life for yourself.

The topics I write about are varied because I have more interests than the average person. That is what happens when you condition your brain and use Mental Photography for most of your adult life. My… Continue

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Develop SMART Strategies That Work

As one year is behind us and another begun, small businesses find themselves hard at work in planning mode. Reviewing and analyzing successes and shortcomings of the previous year's goals and objectives are the basis for…


Added by Terri L. Maurer on January 15, 2016 at 8:30am — 4 Comments

TLS Continuum Part 9: Why are we doing that?

In order to understand how our organizational processes work In Part 4 of this TLS Continuum series I asked if you knew where you were going? To understand the response to the question the article guided you through the process of creating an eagle’s eye view of the organization called a process map. The purpose of the Process Map is to provide you with a picture of the steps…


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Become Familiar To Your Prospects

Success in getting new customers is the engine that drives your business, the engine that powers your dreams, energizes your ideas and delivers your expectations. A well-tuned engine delivers powerful results, it takes you where you want to be, and beyond.


Starting that engine and running it at peak performance is the priority and end goal of every business. In the B2B arena, this becomes an even greater…


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Words, Handshakes, Fists, and Punches

Humans have been known to beg just to hear the right word from the right person.


The right word is invaluable to us - personally, professionally,…


Added by Vincent Wright on March 13, 2014 at 10:30pm — 1 Comment

Loyalty Programs to Boost Sales

So in these down times what can you do to increase sales or at least stop the loss of sales?

While there is not 100% guaranteed sure fire way to stem the tide for a deep recession but businesses should be able to make an attempt to keep the damage at a minimum. In building relationships and trust with your customers that already know you and love you is a very viable way to increase sales and stimulate growth, and should use it especially during a downturn, like now.

YOU… Continue

Added by Howard Larson on February 4, 2009 at 4:16pm — 1 Comment

The Brandergy Member With 3 PhD's... Dr. Craig Brown, PhD ... TBM #1

3 PhD's...

As its founder, I love interviewing the members of Scheduling Success here on Brandergy.com.

During my Skype conversation earlier today with …


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5 Must Have Tools for Your Job Search Arsenal

Before you begin an active job search campaign you must prepare and be

ready to move fast when you start meeting potential employers and

contacts. Having your tools ready will make your search more effective.

Five critical tools you must have include:

Resumes and Cover Letters - that are current, concise, and targeted to a

specific position not a hodge-podge of experience from the past 10 or

20 years. Target 5-10 companies and customize each resume and… Continue

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Psst!! Linkedin may not have told you this but...

Psst!! Linkedin may not have told you this but, you're not supposed to just be making your network bigger. You're supposed to be making it more valuable, more serviceable...

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“P.E.R.F.E.C.T. T.E.N.” Year-Round Resolutions

P.E.R.F.E.C.T. T.E.N.

Year-Round Resolutions...

While no one can guarantee success and while sometimes we just have to repeat and repeat and repeat our resolutions until they become "easy reality" for us, I choose to…


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Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are known for their creativity and thinking differently from most everyone else.  I was relieved to learn in a class that “conventional wisdom” need not apply!


Believe in yourself

According to conventional wisdom, we are told the first step to building our business is to write out a detailed business plan.  But most of us are visionaries thinking into the far off future.  So it becomes futile at best case to write out a detailed plan as we…


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"Science OR Religion?" ... OR ... "Science AND Religion?" YOU Decide!

MY THOUGHTS ON THE *IMAGE* below which seeks to demonstrate science's superiority over religion. (I won't spend all day debating beyond the thoughts I just wrote so, based upon the image and based upon what I wrote, YOU decide! :-) )
Scientific thinkers should also realize that this is an IMAGE.
It is not…

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If it looks like a rose, and smells like a rose it is a rose or is it

I just finished reading an excellent article titled Beyond Bias in Strategy+Business Magazine. While reading it I could not help to take into consideration the events unfolding in the global marketplace today. We condemn those in the Black Life Matter. We condemn those to respond to violence as someone who wants to take our rights away. Stop for a moment and consider our own checkered path beginning with the Jews in World War II,…


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Films from the Award land of Lino Pujia Federico Fellini and Bernardo Bertolucci make a Big Splash of Success

N.I.C.E. Film Festival Brings the Best of Contemporary Italian Cinema to Moscow

Films from the Award land of Lino Pujia Federico Fellini and Bernardo Bertolucci make a Big Splash of Success. Including The Duel Of Wine with…


Added by Osvaldo Guerra y Villar on April 22, 2018 at 8:00am — No Comments

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