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Smelltastic Scent Marketing

It’s no secret: scents drive us to buy. Food is the most often and most obvious culprit. Mall chocolate shop scents turn us to cocoa-craving zombies. Whether you like that unmistakable smell or not, every kid knows the scent of McDonald’s means a Happy Meal is an immediate possibility. Oh, and that smell of fresh…


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48 Great Sites for Leadership Tips and Ideas


The internet is inundated with websites that discuss leadership ideas, nuggets, secrets and the like. Many require you to register or pay for a consultation. The sites below are free and are some of my favorites when it comes to leadership ideas and tips:

1. BillGeorge.com – website of Bill George,…

Added by Gil Pizano on September 30, 2009 at 10:16pm — 1 Comment

The Motivator's Manifesto

"The unmotivated person is never the best person. Nor is the unmotivated community, neighborhood, company, school, playground, or child.

How can the unmotivated help ANYONE?

But what is beyond the reach of the motivated?

I am a networker.

Yet, how can I be a networker without being a motivator?

All real networkers are givers, givers motivators.

For what are givers' gifts other than motivation to drive us forward towards a…


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Ning Changes Directions: "And That's a GOOD Thing!"

The online company is saying goodbye to consumers and hello to big (paying) companies.

At a time when the hottest tech giants (Apple (AAPL)) and startups (Zynga) are focused on serving consumers, social-media company Ning is going in the opposite…


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Tapping Into The Energy Of Yes!

As a word, "yes" may be different than most people commonly think.

But, anyone who's ever desperately needed a "yes" can relate to how much energy is released when the yes arrived and how much energy is drained when the yes is denied.…


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 is an exercise in tweeting/blogging/posting/journaling about things we yearn for, things we WANT! Curated by 

I.e., it's an exercise in positive posting, positive blogging, positive communications about the things…


Added by Vincent Wright on August 2, 2017 at 9:11pm — 2 Comments

Exploring The Benefits Of A Well-Planned Email Campaign

Email marketing strategies have seen many changes over the past two decades. In the ever-changing, ever-evolving world of business and marketing strategies must change and evolve as well, growth is essential. Exploring opportunities and understanding strategy are key concepts to build on.

Keeping up with these ever-evolving strategies can be challenging but the basic concept of using email as a comprehensive, all-inclusive tool to reach large groups…


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No one has a corner on success. Pay the price for it and it's yours.

No matter what you want from life you've got to give up something to get it.

Nothing worthwhile will come easily to you.

Hard work will accomplish results that last.

You've got to work a great deal harder than most people to get it.

There is no success at bargain basement prices.

The highway to success is a toll… Continue

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About Vincent Wright

About Vincent Wright:

Vincent Wright's…


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My Dearest Chobani: We have a problem.

My Dearest @Chobani:

In that I ate ~365 containers of #Chobani during 2017, I can't imagine many #ChobaniLovers loving Chobani more than I do.

But, we have a problem...

My sense of smell is not getting along with your new packaging.

My once endlessly-beloved Chobani now smells too stale to enjoy...…


Added by Vincent Wright on January 25, 2018 at 1:30pm — 1 Comment

Critical Role Of Segmentation

We all need to be more cost conscious, get a higher ROI. Many companies have invested very heavily in attitudinal studies and ways to gather and apply segmentation. If you go into segmentation you should be able to get a very accurate personality type for the kind of person or company that is your ideal customer.…


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Introducing Henry Schneider



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The Spectrums Of ASD & DD

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Developmental Disorders are windows looking at differing spans of the same spectrum.

The definitions of ASD and Developmental Disorders are in a state of flux, because of new definitions in the DSMs. These changes in the Diagnostic manual are causing difficulty for stakeholders in these areas. Service providers, parents, observers, participants are all being affected by these shifts in labels and definitions.

As service providers, these changes make…


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4 Areas Of Social Media Marketing Segmentation

Your out there with your shingle up in the world of Social Media (SM). So now what. How do you work your brand building, your customer service and your product management side? What about the generating of demand side of business? It makes no difference if you are a newbie are just getting started in SM or a underutilizing “pro” who has been out there for years now if you’re not into demand strategies in your SM plan you are probably letting a lot of sales slip through the cracks.



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Wright Hand Rules For Success

Wright Hand Rules For Success remind us of 5 essential keys for success::…


Added by Vincent Wright on July 31, 2010 at 11:30am — 6 Comments

Fire Your Hero. Hire Your Purpose

Do you really need a hero if you're clear on your purpose?

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Project Management (PM) staffing style!!

Project Management (PM) staffing style!!

One way I have found to be very successful as a staffing professional is to Treat every opening like a project and use the basic PM steps to ensure you do the job right. Step one is to do needs…

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Analysis Paralysis!!

Over the last few months I have posted numerous posts about staffing matrixes. The main point was to not over analyze or get so caught up in the different stats and matrixes that you forget the who, what , when , how and why of the…


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The Makeup of a great Staffing Professional!!

The Makeup of a great Staffing Professional!!

So what is the secret sauce to being a great Staffing Professional? That is a question that has been debated for years, so I figured it’s time to answer it. …


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A great way to measure a good Staffing Professional!!!

Candidate and Client Satisfaction!!!- Well this is one of the most important issues for a recruiter/staffing professional. It is not just about filling positions. It is about having a good relationship with your client…


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