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A Job For The New Year

My last blog of the year. My head has been going all over the place on what to write. Predictions. Heck I’m no expert. I have been reading experts predictions in the papers and magazines for the last month. You don’t need me to tell you what to expect in 2011. Well in scanning over the various papers and magazines in my stack of stuff, maybe you do, but not today. Today is about jobs and job creation. Unemployment is down. Yes it is and that is a good thing, but is it? From up in the Ivory…


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Diversity Sourcing Part 2!!!

Diversity Sourcing Part 2!!!


We already looked at Women so now let's focus on Hispanic. As I said in my previous post remember diversity sourcing is a very special skill. You need to have knowledge of were to search or as I have said in my " Top Ten Rules for Successful Internet Sourcers " post, you need to do your research. Below are some key words and phrases you can add to…


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Mail The Multichannel Powerhouse

You know how I feel about direct mail. I love it. One of the big 3 channels I suggest each of my customers add (Telemarketing, Direct Mail, Web Marketing) or get involved in when embarking on a marketing attack.


Despite the cost of postage, which when put into perspective is really quite a bargain. Despite the bad rap that paper gets which by the way is a renewable resource. Paper companies do plant trees, quite a few of them as a matter of fact. Developments in variable data…


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5 Things About Direct Marketing

There are insider secrets in every industry or what I call the hidden flaw. Every industry has one or two hidden insider flaws that you only can grasp by being in the industry and doping or witnessing the problems attached to it.


The same is true about Direct Marketing. Now marketing is one of those things that “everyone” is an expert at. So people go out and market their businesses without any help at all. Sure you can do it, but like a friend of mine who I was trying to…


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Social Traditional Media Marketing

Unless you’re a Newbie Business Social Media Marketing should be done in additional to what you are doing now that is working, not pulling the plug on what is successful to get on the newest and the latest. I am not a the kind of guy that is going to tell you if it aint broke don’t fix it. It is fun to tinker. Tweak this and that. See what happens and what doesn’t.


What we call traditional marketing can in fact be helping your Social Media Marketing. What? you say. Hold the…


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Get Personal

Getting and keeping a personal marketing campaign is if nothing else the one key element that Social Media Marketing should have taught us over the course of the last year. Your customers and prospects want to be seen, noticed and appreciated for being their own unique self. Social Media allows us to do that in a very one on one way.


Can the same be true of the other forms of advertising and marketing?


If you know me and what I push it is and has been…


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Facing the giants wholeheartedly

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Stressed-Out Prospects And Customers

Is it the time of year, or the prolonged recession, squeezed cash flow?


When you make that sales call or appointment is it any wonder you find that your prospect in a rather negative mood. The overwhelming stress a business owner or anyone working is under is at an all time high.


Sadly these negative emotions cause people to make what is a bad situation even worse. Quick off the cuff decisions. Illogical buying.


If you are losing customers I…


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Diversity Sourcing!!!

Diversity Sourcing

Diversity sourcing is a very special skill. You need to have knowledge of were to search or as I have said in my " Top Ten Rules for Successful Internet Sourcers " post, you need to do your research. Below are some key words and phrases you can add to any boolean search string that will increase your chances of finding diverse candidates. For the purposes of this and future posting I am focusing on; Women, Hispanic, African American, Native American. Today we will…


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Adwords Is Overpriced if . . .

I keep getting these cards and letters from Google trying to get me to try Adwords (Please note how an internet company is using direct mail.) So far with offers of $75.00 and $100.00 in enticements I have not bitten to go that direction. Though it is very tempting Adwords was not in my 2010 marketing plan and to date it is not in my 2011 marketing plan. Now remember I review my plan monthly so that could change but right now it is a no. Yet, to go out and buy key words rather than making a…


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Remembering Bill Phillips: A once in a lifetime friend...

Please allow me to write a brief personal note about one of the very best human beings I've ever known - my friend of the past 25 years, Bill Phillips.

Candidly, I'm speechless at finding out today that I'd lost my friend but, he was a member of My Linking Power Forum and his profile is located here: …


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Top Ten Rules for Successful Internet Sourcers !

Top Ten Rules for Successful Internet Sourcers!!


Every experienced Internet Sourcer uses a general list of guidelines that they work successfully by. Like any profession, Internet Sourcers have a "Rules of the Road" that assists them in finding qualified candidates. These rules are not necessarily in order of significance since I find them all equally important in your Internet journey.

1.Research Comes First - Every great Sourcer should have an organized library of…


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From Disorder Comes Order(s)

Even if we did not have this little recessionary bump in the economy we would have had a boat load or heavy waves trying to capsize your (business) boat. The twin waves of globalization and technological advancement would have made you look at new ways of doing things. .


Globalization: Companies are being “encouraged” to buy anywhere in the world where they can get the best price. A few years ago the last US shirt manufacturer closed its doors (at least as far as I know) and…


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Your Image Counts

You’re out there on the web, in the mail, face to face, handing out business cards at networking events, doing whatever it takes to find that elusive customer.

Start by protecting your base. Ya, make sure what got already is secure. Keep your name, your company, your brand secure in the eyes of your current customers and prospects. This is your bread and butter. This is what is putting the bacon on the table. Don’t lose track of what you got. Love them, kiss their babies, take…


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Web Ranking: More Than a Good SEO Program

In the “Old Days” we would do a SES (Search Engine Submission) on a site once every 15 and/or 30 days and get a company listed higher up on the Search Engines. It worked, and it worked quite well.

But now it’s not your father’s SEO. New things such as Google’s caffeine are changing the way Search Engines do business. News, paid advertising, shopping coupons feeds, and of course Social Media all are playing a larger, bigger role in ranking.



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How Much Should You Expect?

If there is any danger in delving into the world of Social Media Marketing it is expecting too much. Once you have allocated the time and the effort necessary to get involved, how much and how fast of a payback do you anticipate getting?

Social Media Marketing (heavy on the social, light on the marketing please) is about trying to engage with the customer in conversations that are important to them in regards to your product or service. If there is any insight I can give you…


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The Importance of Year-End Tax Planning

Once December 31st has come and gone, your tax liability for the 2010 tax year will be set in stone. Until then, and especially now that your final tax picture for 2010 is becoming more clear, year-end tax planning presents a unique last chance to lower your tax bill. It is an investment in time well worth considering.

Tax preparation for the March 15th or April 15th return is not considered advance tax planning. It is merely tax compliance as opposed to voluntary tax reduction planning.…


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Top 20 Tax Planning Tips for the Unemployed

As of Oct 2010, the US unemployment rate was estimated at 9%. Job loss creates tax issues and income tax returns for the unemployed are tricky. To shed light on this subject, CPA and CEO of Wealth Building CPA, Ebere Okoye, has written a new e-book, “Top 20 Tax Planning Tips for the Unemployed."

“Top 20 Tax Planning Tips for the Unemployed” provides in-depth explanations of tax questions that arise for the unemployed. Some of these questions include:

Is Severance Pay…


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Marketing to the Littles

The small and medium size business marketing place is huge. I mean large. I’m saying gigantic.

Just how big compared to their big business brother?

Micro / 1-4 employees / 13,231,562 businesses / 75% of total / 27,884,651 contact names / 43% or total

Small A / 5-9 employees / 1,943,132 businesses / 11% of total / 6,886,895 contact names / 10% of total

Small B / 10-19 employees / 1,247,580 businesses / 7% of total / 5,865,649…


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