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Bruce Lee plays ping pong with nunchuck.flv

WOW!! Bruce Lee plays ping pong with… Continue

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E-Mail direct marketing ad attack.

Yesterday newsletters, today e-mail advertisements.

If you have ever dabbled in direct mail marketing attacks you can easily apply the same basic principles to an e-mail marketing attack but the time-line results will be that much shorter and less expensive. Then of course e-mail is fast. Production time is minimal, receiving time is instant and response to your message will either be in 24 hours or less or it’s not coming.

All these things are important in a down-turned… Continue

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What You Can Do to Survive the Credit Crunch!

Review the financials and balance sheets of key suppliers

Expand purchasing/finance risk assessment projects

Intensify supplier audits

Tighten supplier-rating programs

Tighten credit policies with suppliers

Reevaluate in-house inventory and future stock needs

Reopen new-supplier development programs

Reopen/rewrite supply agreements for 2009

Initiate new materials-cost reduction efforts

Review and revise manufacturing and buying… Continue

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How to Keep The Creative Juices Flowing

Cold weather tip: Letting the Faucet Drip Will Prevent Freeze-up

When you live up north, a faucet that was not dripping was the sign of a frozen pipe in the possible near future. The same goes for advertising and marketing work. You have to keep the creative faucet dripping. You have to keep ideas moving and your psyche motivated. When we feel our ideas can't flow, we will literally stop trying. It got me to wondering, if cold weather freezes pipes, what freezes up… Continue

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A Day in the life of Larson

How do I do what I do?

What does your day look like? Is it a freefall or highly structured. Do you work off of a list or run out off the seat of your pants?

For me, I usually wake up at somewhere between 4:30 and 5:00 am. The coffee is ready thanks to a timer on the coffee pot.

My day starts with the reading of 1 Trade Magazine or Journal in a clients industry (not my own) by then my paper boy the famous Channo Banardo (do you know the name of your paper boy?)… Continue

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Why Use Email Marketing

Companies across all industries are devoting more of their time, resources, and budgets to email marketing. Email typically costs less than other direct marketing channels and the return exceeds most other initiatives. This year, the average return for every dollar spent on email marketing was $45.06. Compared to non-email Internet marketing's return of $19.94, direct response newspaper advertising's $16.86, non-catalog direct mail's $15.55, telemarketing's $8.61, and catalog marketing's $7.28,… Continue

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Brand American and Barack Obama

During the last eight years, "Brand America" has taken a bit of a beating. With two wars being waged under the Bush administration, some in other countries have come to see the U.S. as a global bully, uninterested in what the rest of the world has to say. At times, that attitude has rubbed off on U.S.-based companies, making their jobs harder. With the rest of the world quite obviously pulling for Barack Obama in the recent presidential race, will his election change perceptions… Continue

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A Better "L-Word": Calling All Learners (Correcting The "Lurkers" Misnomer)


One of the blessings of being Founder/Moderator/Chief Encouragement Officer of is that not only do I get a chance to share my thoughts with lots of great people from around the world BUT ALSO I get a chance TO LEARN A LOT!

Sometimes, learning a lot from the power forum comes in a

straightforward introduction to new, previously unknown facts about business, careers, life, etc.

And, um, sometimes learning comes in the form of being… Continue

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Why wait for a new President?

Happily, President-elect Obama has already co-sponsored trade laws to hold China accountable for its currency transgressions.

Obama's Blueprint For Change includes renegotiating free trade agreements to include environmental and safety standards on par with the U.S. to level the playing field for U.S. manufacturers.

The plan includes reducing the U.S.' dependence on foreign oil by broadening the country's energy… Continue

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P&G Executive Not Sure Marketers Belong on Facebook

Social networks may never find the ad dollars they're hunting for because they don't really have a right to them, said Ted McConnell, general manager-interactive marketing and innovation at Procter & Gamble Co.

In a talk to the Digital Non-Conference, a program by Cincinnati's Digital Hub Initiative presented by the Ad Club of Cincinnati and attended by about 190 people, Mr. McConnell pointed to the drumbeat of complaints about social networks being unable to monetize their… Continue

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UPS releases new rates for 2009

UPS announced its new shipping rates for 2009, which will include an average 5.9% increase for group packages, as well as an average increase of 4.9% on air express and US Shipments sent abroad. The new rates take effect on January 5, 2009. UPS Freight announced a general rate increase of 5.9% which customers will be able to download the new rates and service guide at beginning on December 18th.

Last month FedEx announced it Express package and freight rates will… Continue

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The Week Ahead for November 17-20, 2008

Monday: October Industrial Production

Tuesday: October Producer Price Index

Wednesday: October Consumer Price Index, Federal Reserve Meeting Minutes, October Housing Starts

Thursday: Weekly Initial Jobless Claims, October Leading Economic Indicators


Larson note: Big reporting week to say the least. Look for positives in pricing and negative in production and housing. Then go back and look at your short term business plan… Continue

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Merging Social Media Sites...

With so very many, many, many sites there are some small sites with very good ideas but, budgets and, therefore, memberships are too small. So, to me, it stands to reason that since founders of social media sites are likely pretty good at networking they'd consider merging their social media sites in order to stimulate greater growth.

Ever hear of small social media sites merging?

+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!…


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Marketers Must Engage the Muslim Consumer

Muslim Market is a $170 Billion Market, Why Aren't You Targeting It?

This is an excerpt from the white paper "American-Muslim Identity: Advertising, Mass Media & New Media." A longer version can be found at Desedo Films' blog.

"I’ve seen plenty of things making fun of us. ... We would love to be part of a general marketing campaign if the media world would accept Muslims as a common part of the North American diaspora." -- Amethyst, creator of… Continue

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Is E-tailing tougher than retail?

These days being a retailer is hard enough but E-tailing or selling on the internet can be even harder.

In addition to such normal retail issues as product and price, and E-tailer needs to deel with shopping care software, a way to manage returns, and a way to get customers to their e-store.

Just by putting up a site and placing products on your page does not bring you customers. You think all this would be obvious to people getting into E-tailing So many people think that… Continue

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Starbucks' 4Q Profit Down

You know if it’s about coffee I need to report on it so. . .

Starbucks' 4Q Profit Down 97%, Same-Store Sales Drop 8%

But CEO Schultz Believes Struggling Coffee Giant Has Hit Its 'Bottoming-out Milestone'

Restructuring costs have taken a bite out of Starbucks' fiscal fourth-quarter and full-year profits, the retailer reported today. Fourth-quarter earnings plummeted 97%, to $5 million, from $159 million in the year-ago period. The figure includes a $105… Continue

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Obama Win Could Spur Holiday Sales

Can Barack Obama save Christmas? Or will the Grinch rule?

In a survey by the International Council of Shopping Centers and Goldman Sachs, 8% of respondents said they are likely to increase holiday spending, thanks to the historic election of Sen. Obama to the White House. By contrast, only 5% said they would have increased spending if Sen. John McCain had been elected.

While Michael Niemira, director-research at ICSC, admits those figures don't represent the bulk of… Continue

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Majority Of Companies Avoiding Social Media

The majority of businesses have no formal plans to adopt social media or use its benefits that can lead to better customer relations and increased sales. This should not surprise you at all.

Fear and apathy are the primary barriers to using social media, according to a global survey by Avanade, an IT consultancy company.

Over half of respondents to the survey said senior executives and IT staff resist adoption out of fear it will reduce employee productivity. Good point… Continue

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The Un-Fixable Resume

Suppose it's non-fixable? Your resume.

Suppose you've organized the best of your most relevant work and accurately chronologized it but, even YOU aren't convinced that you'd even hire yourself for the job(s) to which you want to apply?

Suppose something even bigger?

Suppose your resume ISN'T the answer?

Are you not still someone worthy of MAXIMIZING YOUR LIFE as much as any other person on Earth?

This question is not for an infomercial. I'm… Continue

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What Race Car Driver Hasn't Wrecked A Car?

No one knows more about getting a car from Point A to Point B than a race car driver.

No one drives cars faster, more precisely than race car drivers.

Putting their lives at risk every time they step into the car to go to work, they must PRECISELY KNOW their car, their tracks(s), and all the idiosyncrasies of the track(s).

Yet, show me the race car driven who hasn't wrecked a car at least once, please...

Race car drivers aren't ASHAMED that they've…


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