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How to write a great job description!!

How to write a great job description

It's All In The Name - Your first challenge is to get a top candidate to click on your job posting from a large, mind numbing, and repetitive list of startling similar jobs. Research shows that job seekers click on jobs based on the name and reputation of the posting company and the job title. You can't do much about your company name...but you sure can spice up your job title. Add action to your title that speaks directly to the opportunity…


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Do You Need A Custom Landing Page?

Does your company sell different products to different customer bases? Do you do event marketing? Do you need segmentation of your market to narrow down the needs of each niche you serve? Are you going to hold a special webinar? Welcome to the world of the customized landing page.

Whatever you got, if you can narrow down the target to the service, product or event, even if you have made a dedicated page within your current website, it’s not good enough! The creation of a…


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Website Check Up

How is your website doing? Are you getting enough activity? Enough hits? The sales you were expecting off of it?

Ask yourself these questions and then decide if you need an upgrade of your site.

1. Does your home page clearly say what your company does and the kind of customer you want or serve?

2. Do you use an easy conversational tone in your copy?

3. Do you offer useful content in addition to your product and service…


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Hitting On The Rich

As we slowly recover from this wonderful fun recession we all might want to look at selling more to the “rich”.

They are out there.

But who are they?

66% are women

20% are minorities

68% are married couples

56% of those households earn over $250,000

21% purchased from a catalog 12 or more times a year

10.5% growth in households of $250,000 in income and above

Top 4 wealthiest areas in the…


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Blog Writing Secrets

You can be writing your own blog. It is really quite simple, just sit down and write as if you were speaking.

Really it is just that easy. No more procrastination. No more sweaty hands. No more using large, 8 syllable words. Just relax and write. Write as if you were talking to a close friend

Writing the way you talk does not give you permission to write bad. What it does is help keep you focused to be a better more productive focused writer.

Here’s how…


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Lookology is the advanced art of utilizing non verbal communication in interviewing, sales meetings, and more.

Non Verbal Communication is defined as communication that does not involve speaking. Lookology takes it to the next level, and takes into account all types of non verbal communication and the information that can be learned from it.

Lookology takes into account; hand gestures, posture, eye contact and motion, subtle changes in facial expressions…


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The Power To Last

Unemployed? Over 50? Under skilled?

Are you one of the new unemployed people out there? Good work ethic, but no job future for whatever reason? You history filled with life skills but no one wants the hire you for your knowledge? Join the club.

No not the Mickey Mouse Club but the Club of Self Employment.

To this wonderful group of business people from all you new comers or soon to be members we have those who already took the plunge as a New…


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Marketing Comes in 2 Kinds Acquisition & Retention

There really are 2 sides to any marketing program the gaining of new customers (acquisition) and the keeping of the customers you now have (retention).

To pull back or drop spending on either side of the marketing equation can put your company’s new client or client retention program in a total tailspin.

In a down economy, and it is down, I don’t care if the experts said the recession ended months ago. It is still not nice out there. I know it and you know…


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Social Media Marketing Up For Small Business

Tight budgets but still wanting to do something, more small businesses are turning to Social Media for a greater part of their marketing. Does that surprise you? I have said before in a past blog that the new Sweat equity in many businesses has become Social Media (Marketing). I would think that if you are reading this blog you are already most likely engaged in some sort of Social Media / Social Media Marketing.

Despite budget cuts, small businesses are doing what they can to…


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What Is Important in Social Media?

Twits, posts, blogs, followers, friends can make you head spin with working in the confines of Social Media. As a marketer working in this channel you already know you can’t ignore inbound marketing. The latest stats show that 980% of consumers are using some kind of social media that as we go along the time spent on those channels such as twitter, LinkIn, MySpace and Facebook is growing.

As this grass roots channel develops we have 3 angels of the triangle working to take…


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A brand without energy is like a car without fuel

Though it's rarely discussed, one of the key things your brand will need to have is this: ENERGY.

Take a second look at the brands you favor and consider how movement and color and shape and fonts and wording add to their strength, to their ENERGY.

A brand without energy is like a car without fuel.

+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!…


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How to ask questions to determine a candidates Integrity & Honesty!!

How to ask questions to determine a candidates Integrity & Honesty!!

Determining the honesty and integrity of a candidate is very tough. Especially if done over the phone. Below are some ideas and questions you can ask that will help you to determine a candidates honesty and…


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What Can Mail Do For Lead Generation?

What can Mail or E-Mail really do for your companies lead generation? They both have a place in a multichannel marketing attack.

Mail of either kind paves the way for increasing the response rate to double that of a single channel marketing attack. What you might use depends on your target and if they respond to electronic or ground mail

Looking at telemarketing studies where an email or direct mail piece was sent prior to the phone calls in an outbound telemarketing…


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Welcome to the Future

I am so excited about what my friend Pras, one of the early supporters of our Cultural Fusion Art as Philosophy experiments and undertakings, is doing with Nex Gen Expo! Pras was one of the first innovators/artists that said yes to collaborating even before the first Cultural Fusion artwork had materialized so I am especially proud and encouraged by what he is doing with Nex Gen.

It is very much in the cutting edge event tradition that is… Continue

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CDs, DVDs Continue To Boost Direct Mail

Putting a disc into a direct mail piece is an effective way to entice consumers to open it, according to research sponsored by industry group DiscMail Direct and the Direct Marketing Association. The study, released in full at this week's DMA 2010 Conference & Exhibition in San Francisco, found that 91% of respondents said they would rather open a mailer that contains a DVD or CD.

The study found that almost three-quarters (73%) of the more than 800 consumer respondents…


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Follow Follower’s Actions before Acting

Ok enough of the heavy tech stuff. Sit down, take a deep breath, and pour yourself a cup of coffee. I know I did.

Now my question for you today is how should you as a seller of goods and services connect with your prospects online?

As an online businesses person you must determine where you’re most important interactions take place. There are different levels of interaction and you need to know what is the most important to you, not me, not your best friend, YOU! Yes…


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Using Latent Semantic Indexing

Latent Semantic Index (LSI) keywords will boost your SEO, improving your search results page rank, when used in conjunction with your primary search term(s).

While Latent Semantic Indexing is a rather intimidating term, it is really pretty simple.

Simply put, LSI words are those which are commonly related to the keyword phrase that you have targeted for your article or post. Google’s search engine uses the presence of these words within your article to determine…


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Small Business & Credit Act

Well it passed; yes the “Small Business & Credit Act” passed the house. So what does that mean to you? Good question.

The House’s intent is to pump in up to 30 Billion in capital to small banks that would led the leveraged funds out to as much as $300 Billion in credit to small business who then would grow and produce needed goods, services and jobs. Don’t start jumping up and down or when you walk into your band say “Where’s the money” It’s not there, yet if…


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October is National Anti-Bullying Month But, Social Media Sites Do Nothing About This Form Of Bullying: FLAGGING

In that October is National Anit-Bullying Month, let's not forget a subtle form of bullying which occurs on all the major social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

On any of these massive sites with millions upon millions of members, anyone with a grudge against a person can systematically flag legitimate work of other members against whom they may have a grudge or a dislike for no particular reason.

Though this form of bullying is not a physically… Continue

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The flood in Ladakh

The flood had assassinated a lot of victims and damages also in Ladakh next to the Indus. I want to help people, especially the children. In Ladakh it is very cold in the winter time. I therefore want to send warm clothes for children. For collecting money for this, I have made a 2011 calendar with photos of Ladakh.

If you like the Himalaya, have a look to the new calendar of 2011. It invites you to see 13 beautiful impressions of the contryside. You can see, Ladakh is a…


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