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Ellen Levinas A Day In the Life of a #CertifiedMVA

Being a Certified MVA; (#CertifiedMVA) which, stands for the royal title of Master Virtual Assistant (thank you, thank you) :-) is probably just about as difficult as this regal title may sound to some. Is it really all that? Nahhh, but it does come with a ton of responsibilities attached to it. I was actually certified twice in the Virtual Assistant…


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From the dumpster to the front page

"If you can get IT and HR to work together during on boarding and user training, you'll be leagues ahead," Malone said. "It might not happen today, but it can tomorrow. And tomorrow is better than never." 

From the endingkeynote by my security partner Matt Malone, founder of …


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TLS Continuum Part 21: You are the bane of my existence so be gone out my world

You make a phone call to your credit card company and you get caught in the virtual whirlpool as the VM system takes you through all the options. One of the continuing recordings says “in order to serve you better please give us the reason for your call today.” You are in the office and a client calls and one of your colleagues answers the phone. After listening to the problem your colleague responds that she will have to transfer you to someone else because that is not her job. Even worse…


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Are We TOO Creative?

Sometimes we're so creative we forget to do GOOD with the abundant good things we create. (Don't just create, do something GOOD with it!)

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Kung Fu!

Did you know that Kung Fu means "to be skilled at"?  So if you're awesome in your field (and since you're on Brandergy so I fully expect you are!), then you are Kung Fu in your field! 

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Key Elements That Affect Making Effective and Successful Changes

Resistance Happens:  Whether the change is perceived as positive or negative, resistance is inevitable and disruptive

A fundamental truth of life is that there is always resistance to change.  Even changes that are positive (getting married, having a child, getting a promotion, etc.) cause disruptions that result in some amount of…


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Bold and non-bold = fire and water

A bold person hanging around non-bold people is like fire hanging around water. Fire can heat water but, water can permanently put out fire.

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Would you pick up your telephone or knock on someone's door & just say "Hi" & just LEAVE??.  No?? Then why do it in social media?? #CONVERSE

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Brandergy Bookmarks

B R A N D …


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TLS Continuum Part 20: What is in it for Me?

As we discussed in the TLS Continuum Part 18: Changing Managers to Leaders, as managers/leaders in the new global; marketplace we have a new responsibility added to our workload. This new responsibility is to both educate and train our human capital assets so that the organization can move forward.


Wait a minute are they not the same term?

Talk to many in and outside of academia and they will tell you when we educate someone, we also train them. Others will tell…


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SEO Explained

You probably already know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, but what does that really mean?  In short, it means getting your website to show up on the first page of search results, ideally at number one!  You might as well forget about being at the top of page two or page three as page one is where you need to be.  Think of it this way, how often do YOU click the next page button to view more search…


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YesLinking is just as straightforward as its name suggests. It's for professional adults…


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Installing Apple's iOS 9 on iPhones & iPads

Are you waiting anxiously to update your Apple devices to iOS 9?  Apple officially launches it on Wednesday bringing huge changes to iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

What's in it you ask?  You can learn more about it here (which I highly recommend you do!), but here's a quick summary:

  • iOS 9 brings key enhancements to your apps (mail, messages, web…

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Life is not a story

Life is not a story. We read stories to get to the end and to find out the ending. We all know how life ends. So, it's what's happening NOW which makes life beautiful & powerful.

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Never waste rudeness

Never waste rudeness. If someone is needlessly rude to you, USE the memory of their name to grow something GOOD. #DirtMakesFood

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The stigma of mental illness is a branding problem

"The stigma of mental illness (and I'd add any 'developmental' or other 'disability') is a branding problem. It takes STRONG minds to help re-brand on behalf of those who can't re-brand themselves." 

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TLS Continuum Part 19: I have a dream

On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King delivered his iconic “ I have a Dream Speech.” Like Dr. King I too have a dream or more correctly a vision. While I am not referring to my four-year-old son as Dr. King did, I am referring to our global workplace. Let me paraphrase Dr. King’s speech and relate my vision or dream to you the reader.


I have a goal in my professional life to deliver a message. It is a message that will transform our business world to greater heights.…


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Ellen Levinas Thirty Something Magazine, A Source for Massive Exposure

“A person who stops advertising to save money, is like a person who stops the clock to save time”. Henry Ford.

With that being said Thirty Something Magazine has advertising opportunities available that will not break the bank and will offer you tons of exposure which is something that we ALL need. Listen...there are no shortcuts, if you want to achieve success…


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