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Job Or Start-Up? What Is Best?

I have been doing a lot of reading the last couple of months on start-ups? Why you ask when you already have a company. Well yes but each day is a new day with new challenges and second I have a small company. Yes my company is small and after once having a lager 37 person company (small by some standards) with over a million in sales company I like it this way. Third, people around me, friends, family, acquaintances, strangers, are out of work, and are thinking of starting a company up or…


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Words and Phrases to recruit by!!!

Words and Phrases to recruit by!!!

In no particular Order

1. Take control!!- This means to come in and establish yourself with your client. You must establish credibility, in order for them to truly work with you and for you to have the type of presence needed to be viewed as the "Recruiting Master" and SME.

2. Establish Process!!- Make sure you establish the process you will use to help your client fill positions. A well established and…


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Merchandising Yourself On The Web

This is NOT about driving people to your web site or your online store. It IS about what you should be doing once they are there.

For this little blog I don’t care how you got the customer to your web site, be it typing your web address, key word search, pay for click, a link from your Social Media site, a reciprocal link, banner ad. I don’t care.

What I do care about is what they find once they arrive on your site.

1st, and your should have done this…


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Want To Be Engaging? Cross-Channel!

As a person engaged heavily in Social Media Marketing I find it hard to track and do go tracking of ROI. There are tools that can track some of your activity but not all. If you want to go out and track all your sites, all your customers, all your prospects, all in one place I have 2 words for you; Good Luck!

All marketers actively maintain and growing in Social Media need to find a way to tie all their followers, friends and contacts out of Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn,…


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Ongoing Conversation To Engage

If you are lucky enough to be in a thriving and engage social networking group you need to be part to the conversation to grasp a hold of your share to the potential sales. By being engaged you help to create brand loyalty. This form or WOM (word of mouth) marketing can really drive your sales once you cross over to the reverse funnel syndrome. Yet there are a few basic pattern flows you need to be following.

You need to have a long term commitment to the community you are…


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The Art of Resume Sourcing!!

The Art of Resume Sourcing!!

I would like to focus on the art of searching for resumes on the Internet. Spending time sourcing for candidates on the Internet is just as important as posting a great job. Sourcing is probably more valuable than posting because it is proactive and gives…


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What Happens After Facebook and Twitter?

Yes there is more to Social Media Marketing than Facebook, Twitter and yes nings.

Marketers who think that their social media needs are covered with Twitter and Facebook are only part of the way into what Social Media can achieve. In only a few short years the tools of Web2.0 have penetrated life on the web as some would never expected. You as a business owner and marketer need to find your special way to get your message out and your message heard using this new way of…


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Handling The Sales Objection

You want them, you really do, the SALES OJECTION. Embrace the objections of your prospects and customers. This is how you know they are involved in the buying process and that the sale is moving forward.

You need to get your head on and looking forward. Every day on the job you hear the same old objections. You hear them but do you do anything about them? They are the stepping stone to bringing you more business. Objections confirm the need or the desire for your product or…


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Supporting Your Brand On Social Media Sites

Here we are, trying to work our way though a wide world of web confusion. Everyone claiming to be an expert who can grab a mouse and a keyboard and get online.

You want a solid following in your Social Media Marketing efforts? Ok, try this; realize that the broadcast approach is no long as relevant as it once was. Even E-Mail needs to be keyed in and tailored to the recipient or it gets dumped into the spam box.

Not just your group of friends and followers but…


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Baker’s Dozen For Better E-Commerce

1) Put some pop into your merchandising. Online merchandising must be sure to have your content in place completely to make up for the fact that your products are not actually in front of a person for them to touch and feel. You need to make a connection with the prospect/customer. Start slow if you need to adding one product at a time and making the necessary content complete. If that means you only post 25 products out of a possible 10,000 so be it but if you do…


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Hiring Managers do not understand recruiting!!

Hiring Managers do not understand recruiting!!

As a rule most hiring managers do not understand recruiting. They think all we do is look at Monster or Hotjobs (which was just bought by monster) or the other databases and find people with no problems. They do not understand the amount of work that goes into the…


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Boolean Operators!!

Boolean Operators!!…


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Hard Ball Marketing

There seems to be a glimmer hope out there for our economy. So do you jump in head first and go creasy? You might just want to keep in mind that we aren’t out of the woods just yet. As a businesses that has weathered the storm the storm so far, you have not done it out of sheer luck. Marketing requires a certain amount of careful planning and calculation. There are several things to keep in mind when putting into place any marketing strategy.

Customer Retention…


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Check Your Backlinks

Visibility on search engines is easy to measure, and can provide some insight towards improving traffic.

This little Backlink checker tool that was forwarded to me ( ) that will help you find out how your site needs to improve. It is fun going though your site to find all the errors

First you can check your links that are going back to your page. Mine list out…


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Biggest Business Worry

41% - Higher taxes

34% - Higher cost of raw materials

25% - Higher cost of energy

*Poll by plastics today

Larson Notes & Satire: As if business needs to worry about things other than sales, cost of labor, cost of material, taxes or worse yet fees that can be arbitrarily placed on a business or a person. Taxes make products more expensive, taxes make raw material more expensive, taxes make energy more expensive. Taxes suck the very…


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Sales Lessons From Baseball

Baseball, I remember the first time I went to a game. Going through a dark tunnel opening up to w wide green field. This was as good as it gets. The big leagues.

It’s about individual efforts and the team.

1) A baseball team is made up of individual players who know how to play together.

2) Every great baseball player started out as a beginner.

3) Every Major Leaguer started out in the minors

4) All Pros are coachable



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Manage Your Online Reputation Or Else

If you’re now looking at what is being said about you or your company, maybe you had better start. In minutes your reputation can be built up of torn down without you knowing it.

Somehow you need to develop a way to monitor your reputation in real time. Most of what we are doing is reaction management to what is being said. The idea is to be proactive. We see this in some of the recalls in product lines with companies puling items off before the government does. Better to face…


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Searching For Copies Of Your Web Site

I found this little web site yesterday called Copyscape witch searches for copies of your page on the web.

( ) so I tried it out. ( MyLinkingPowerForum came up #6 in my list )

My search showed:

Howard Larson's Page - TeamCircle Business Community

... A telemarketing & marketing studio ... understands and puts into practice guerrilla marketing and ... and advertising techniques…


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