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205 SEO Hints: 10 At A Time Part 5

Links links and more links! But do they do you any good? Here we are at part 5.


Today’s list of 10 are yours to not just take care of but be on guard that they don’t disappear on you. Yes links do disappear and become a deterent to page ranking.


40. Broken Links: Having 1 broken like is bad enough but having too many broken links on a page may be a sign of a neglected or abandoned site. You need to check…


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Charlie Arturaola : " Les Vins Rioja Alavasa font un Pas en Avant "

Rioja Alavesa : un pas en avant !

Arabako Errioxa est ancrée par l'histoire de la région Rioja Alavesa où se trouve Laguardia l'un des sept districts de Alava. Et certainement, l'ancien village de Laguardia village situé au Sud du Pays basque est le phare de la viniculture basque !…


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205 SEO Hints: 10 At A Time Part 4

The more you do or sometimes the less you to the more you get! Welcome to Part 4.

Today’s list of 10 are more things you will have control over or not. And if you are like me, you love, control. More tecky stuff than I like but someone has to do it.

30. Keyword Word Order: An exact match of a searcher’s keyword in a page’s content will generally rank better than the same keywords or phrase in a different order. For example: consider a search for: “dog grooming methods”. A…


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Conducting the Interview

Conducting the Interview

During the interview your goal is to gather information so you can make a solid hiring recommendation. It is important to remember that candidates come from a variety of sources. Not all candidates want to interview with Your Company. In some cases, we have persuaded them to consider Your Company and come…


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You NEED 3 times the GDP rate to really be growing

"Real gross domestic product increased at an annual rate of 1.2 percent in the second quarter of 2016. In the first quarter, real GDP increased 0.8 percent (revised).

If you are not growing at a minimum of 5% a quarter you should be talking to me. After you take out inflation, interest expense of your money,  and taxes you need to be growing at a minimum 3 times the GDP. If not your shrinking or your company is dying.  

If you…


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The BTOS Interviewing System

The BTOS Interviewing System

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Happy Birthday to Us!

Hi Everyone,

I am excited to announce the GRAND OPENING of our flower boutique in Glastonbury, CT

As a special gift, I would like to offer you the following:

Don't forget to ask about our  "FORGET ME NOT" program where we keep track of all your special moments and will hand deliver fresh flowers or customized gift baskets to your loved one on your behalf :)…


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Interviewing 101!!

Interviewing 101!!

Over the last 2-3 months I have been hit up about interviewing. Different interviewing styles, questions, setup etc. I remembered a set of posting I did a little over 2 years ago about this subject, and figured it was time to bring them back So here you go the first in a multi-part set of posts on interviewing. Keep…


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Breaking silence: we have work to do ~ essay

“Today, like every other day, we wake up empty/and frightened….” ~ Rumi

There are days when the world is too much with us – when the news reports are about the terrifying things we continue to do to each other, when an unexpected telephone call too early in the morning changes…


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TLS Continuum Part 59: Where do I Begin? 10 Commandments of Project Selection


Your organization believes that there is a problem with the organization, so the tendency is to try and repair everything at one. While on the surface that may see like the right direction for the organization, this approach seldom meets the end goal. This segment of the TLS Continuum Blog Series suggests that there are 10 commandments to selecting projects that will bring the most benefit to you and your organization.


Thou shalt become one with the…


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The BTOS Interviewing System!!

The BTOS Interviewing System

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A Little Help That Could Make A Difference

As you know Planet Startup is a 501(c)(3) public charity that teaches unemployed young adults in remote and marginalized parts of the planet how to build simple online companies. See what we do at …


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TLS Continuum Part 58: We do not see the world as it is, we see it as we are

If you watch the media and social positing there a lot of comments about why process improvement efforts fail. The reasons for excuses run a wide gamut. I would suggest there is a more fundamental reason for improvement efforts that fail. We have the wrong focus. I am not suggesting that the problems are the wrong focus instead I am suggesting that the problem is how we look at the problem.

When we assemble a group of people to work on the resolution of a problem they come with all…


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