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Politics, Half-Truths and the Workplace

Every night and every day between now and November we will be bombarded with political ads from one source or another regarding the upcoming presidential race. Despite non-aligned groups such as Politico and Fact-Finder stating that the premise is wrong, the campaigns continue to run ads with false data. One campaign pollster even openly stated that in releasing campaign ads we don't care if our facts are wrong. There is a campaign poster running currently which shows grumpy coal miners with…


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Recommendations do they really work???

Recommendations do they really work???

Recommendations are simply, verbal, written and on line testimonials, attesting to the abilities of a person to perform a given job.

Now the big question is where they fit in. This is really pretty simple, as with most things they are a piece of the puzzle. The question is what is important and what is not.

To utilize recommendations right you need to remember the who, what, where, and why of the…


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Are you ready to be committed?

The play on words, “to be committed”, describes the life of an entrepreneur.  We face so many requirements of commitment in order to find success, that frequently we find the same commitments produce a sense of overwhelm too.


Time, monetary investment, education, introspective thought, associations, partnerships and clientele all bring a type of required commitment to the entrepreneurial endeavor.  After all commitment is the key to business success.




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Collaborative ideas Produce Increased Results

After many years of being in the competitive corporate sales environment, it took a long time to accept the idea of freely collaborating with others.  In fact, I was very doubtful it would work.  However, knowing risk and trying new ideas is at the core of entrepreneurship, it was in my best interest to consider all the facts.


As an entrepreneur, I soon realized it becomes necessary to acknowledge those who excel in an area where we may lack knowledge and that we know we…


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Reference checks, Background checks and Recommendations, do they really work???

Reference checks, Background checks and Recommendations, do they really work???

Over the next several posts we are going to discuss Background checks, Reference checks, and Recommendations. Do they really work, how best to do them, and what to do with the…

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Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are known for their creativity and thinking differently from most everyone else.  I was relieved to learn in a class that “conventional wisdom” need not apply!


Believe in yourself

According to conventional wisdom, we are told the first step to building our business is to write out a detailed business plan.  But most of us are visionaries thinking into the far off future.  So it becomes futile at best case to write out a detailed plan as we…


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Fireman, Strategist or Catalyst - What is the role of HR?

As I attend various HR related events and read the posts in social media there seems to be some discussion as to exactly what HR is supposed to be doing. Have said that I can find some common threads in the discussions.

Some of the individuals believe we are there to be the policy cop's. Our responsibility is centered around the task of keeping the organization out of trouble. In doing that we tend to gain the "we have an app for that" mentality. If a problem arises we have the…


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Hiring Managers and the Matrix !!

Hiring Managers and the Matrix !!

In this, the last of the four part series on metrics' and goals, we will discuss a little know, but important metric. The metrics' by which we measure our hiring managers. That is right; your hiring manager should be goaled on staffing orientated metrics also. After all, they play a very important part in hiring and in the end, it is for them.

In one of my previous blog entries, I mentioned the team "hiring team". This group…


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It's not what you dont know that hurts you, it's what you think is so that isn't

Every morning I get in my inbox an email from the Employment Law Information Network and in the edition from August 6 was a post from Michael Maslanka from Constangy's Dallas office in which he asked the question whether the 14th Amendment's equal protection clause protect gay employees who work for pubic employers. What…


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Metrics' for ROI!!

Metrics' for ROI

So this is the third installment of our Metrics' series. This is the simple metrics' you can use to determine your ROI (return on Investment) in staffing. Of course there will be some redundancy here and as always you need more than just the numbers to understand what is happening.

Hire Cost: This is the total cost per hire. This will include: staffing professional time(hourly rate times average hours spent per candidate),…


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Where oh where has innovation Gone?

Carefully consider some of the political ads currently running in the media and you would be led to believe that America is going down hill. Part of that is the climate we are in at the current time. Russell Moen of Express Personnel in his presentation "Love them or Leave them" talks about the key to innovation is collaboration. Collaboration indicates the presence of a cross-functional team that brings ideas to the table and looks at all facets of the situation and arrives at a consensus…


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