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The Week Ahead Aug 31- Sept 4, 2009


Tuesday: August vehicle sales, August institute for supply management index, July construction spending

Wednesday: Second quarter productivity revision, Fed meeting minutes, July factory orders

Thursday: Weekly initial jobless claims. August institute for supply management services index,

Friday: August employment report

Larson note: We saw another week of “good stuff”. Good consumer spending report (up 0.02%) nice… Continue

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Get Smart, Increase Brain Power with Mental Photography

Do you want Good Grades, Study Little, AND Have a Life?

This is an issue that presents itself time and again. Students of all ages benefit when they increase brain power. Since the subconscious mind is the doer, put it to work for you to allow you to excel, and make your life more enjoyable. Good clear mind techniques are the vehicle. Like a muscle, your mind becomes stronger. Even the power of thought over your obstacles becomes second nature.

It has been… Continue

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Wait A Minute! You PRACTICE Sports, Music, Dance, Speaking, and Writing But, You DON'T PRACTICE Organizing?

We lose Millions of Dollars, Billions of Dollars because we can't find and use stuff when we need them.

Clearly, THE KEY at the root of our losing so much is that either we or someone in charge of information hasn't helped things be "findable".

Far too many of us are lost when it comes to organizing ourselves.

Far, far, FAR too many of those who are unorganized merely give into to this malady as if it were permanent, unassailable, unconquerable.…


Added by Vincent Wright on August 26, 2009 at 11:30am — 2 Comments

How Strong Are Your Habits?

They say the secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine and the below addresses it very well. Although many have claimed fame to it, the official author is anonymous. I came across this a number of years back and it struck a strong cord with me then as it does now. I printed it out and I have it hanging on my wall in my office so that I can be reminded of the important lesson it reminds us of.

This has made such a strong impact on my life that I wanted to… Continue

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The Week Ahead Aug 24-28, 2009


Tuesday: August Consumer Confidence

Wednesday: July Durable Goods Orders; July New Home Sales

Thursday: Weekly initial jobless claims

Friday: July Person Income and spending

Larson note: Last week came out pretty good. Stocks up and existing home sales up 7.2%! Even the Feds are saying things are looking good.

This week? Yes. I think we have turned the corner. If you don’t have your advertising, marketing and… Continue

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Having a Little Fun for the Time Being!

Over the years I have had a lot of fun with this:

"For the Time Being,..."

Now, am I talking about a timing issue, or am I talking about an entity? This play on words can really get out of hand. I like to think that there is this benevolent being that dishes out time like the local restaurant dishes out pastries. Sort of like Santa Claus that hands out extra 'TIME'.

So we irreverently recognize this being when we offhandedly mention "For The… Continue

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The secret of "The Secret" and of Life

Or should I say I have "realized" the secret. Please bear with me for a moment...

At this point, I believe most people are familiar with the books, movie, and discussion surrounding "The Secret". If anyone has not, the movie site is here: - the book can be found on Amazon here: - and discussions abound. However, there is a secret to "The Secret"!

My life so far, has been much like most… Continue

Added by Paul Dube on August 19, 2009 at 8:48am — 1 Comment

The Week Ahead Aug 17-21, 2009


Tuesday: July Producer Price Index, July Housing Starts


Thursday: Weekly initial jobless claims July Leading Economic Indicators

Friday: July Existing Home sales

Larson note: Last week came out pretty much what I expected it to be. Inventory levels lower, Production higher, and a boosts in productivity levels. This will all work out to our advantage in a month as those low inventory levels need to be refilled, perhaps… Continue

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Times are Tough! Are You “Trying Hard Enough”?

Are you plagued by falling short of inevitable success? Here is a revelation of how even the simplest things can cause us a great amount of discomfort. By learning about these, you may choose to take necessary steps to modify events in your own life to create a better life for yourself.

The topics I write about are varied because I have more interests than the average person. That is what happens when you condition your brain and use Mental Photography for most of your adult life. My… Continue

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The Problem with Problems, or Learning to Deal With Problems


Everyone has problems. If you don’t have any problems, you are most likely dead or delusional.

Problems are like loose change. You find them ‘around’ you. You find it in your sofa or chair, on the floor of your car, on the dressing table. There is usually not enough value yet to really pay attention to unless it really starts building up. (This is also how most people look at problems. They are ignored until they get big enough.) After you accumulate… Continue

Added by Shannon Panzo on August 10, 2009 at 7:30pm — 1 Comment

The Week Ahead Aug 10-14, 2009


Tuesday: 2nd Quarter Productivity, June Wholesale Inventory

Wednesday: June Trade Balance,

Thursday: Weekly initial jobless claims July Retail Sales, June Business Inventories

Friday: July Consumer Price Index, July Industrial Production

Larson note: Well 2 good weeks in a row do I hear 3? I’m thinking yes. Despite the high unemployment rate things are will continue to look good. I’m hoping for low inventory levels which… Continue

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I Just Want a Job: Words That Will Crush Any Interview

Reposted from The ResumeWonders Blog

“I just want a job” or “I’ll take anything” are comments I hear very often as I am working with clients. I also heard this from almost every job seeker I spoke with at a recent job fair I helped out with. Although many job seekers feel this way it is vital not to say or project this feeling to contacts, networking acquaintances, recruiters and most of all during an… Continue

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Revolutionizing the Way We Learn - Mental Photography

by David Jurewicz

Revision & Foreword by Shannon Panzo

I recently was going through some old archives and came across a few articles that have stood the test of time. This just happens to be one of those articles. Even the term from over a decade ago, Brain Plasticity, has made a comeback and easily explains why, even though every cell of our body is replaced every 7 years, the brain can continue to store and recall all the information you were ever exposed to. Now that is… Continue

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