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Little words that can change the way we communicate!!!

Little words that can change the way we communicate!!!

There have been numerous books written on the subject of communication. One of the best is "Conscious Business" by Fred Kofman. I am reading this book now, but have read numerous others on the subject. The one thing that sticks in my mind has been how the littlest words,…


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TLS Continuum Part 57: What Is In It For Me?

I was reading the Summer 2016 issue of the MIT Sloan Management Review in which an article appeared by Catherine Bailey and Adrian Madden titled “What Makes Work Meaningful or Meaningless.” The article gave me some pause for thought as to why cross functional teams sometimes failure to reach the goals that they have set.

My response is that these teams fail because we have not properly…


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How to ask questions to determine a candidates Integrity & Honesty!!

Recently I came across a series of postings from a staffing professional, about how to determine the honesty and integrity of candidates. I realized I had blogged about that some time ago and directed this person to that post. READ…


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How Does Wobble Affect Athletic Performance?

What if there was a simple shift in conditioning that would boost athletic performance, execution precision, and ranking?

Let me demonstrate this wobble for you. If you extend your arm, point your finger at a distant point, and look down your arm past your fingertip, you will notice that your arm wobbles a little. Your fingertip will appear to be moving around and across that distant target you are pointing…


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TLS Continuum Part 56

Your organizations has committed to improving your processes, however you have left out a critical part of the equation. No process improvement effort tis going to succeed without the input from a cross-functional team which looks at both the current and future state of the process within the organization.

In order for a cross-functional team to be successful there are several ground rules that need to be followed.  The intent of this weekly blog poste is to review those ground…


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Who's A Good Client For You?

Who's A Good Client For You?

If you're looking for new clients and would like to publicly share who a good client for you would be on Brandergy.com, please feel free to share here...

Let us know if you offer referral fees...


+Vincent Wright

Brandergist | Brandergy.com

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TLS Continuum Part 55: Authenticity and Teamwork

I am still in the process of reading Your Place at the Table by Allan Cox. Throughout the book Allan Cox centers his message on seven signs of authenticity. Considering the events of the last 48 hours a couple of these signs appear to stick out more than others.

The need…


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Your Resume the Key to new Opportunities!!

Your Resume the Key to new Opportunities!!

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TLS Continuum Part 54: I Love You for Who I Am

I am currently in the process of reading Your Place at the Table by Allan Cox.  It consists of a series of short essays, which discuss the concept of Authenticity. In one of these essays Allan Cox defines empowerment, as “I love you for what I am when I am with you.”

In my weekly tip of the week on Wednesday we…


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