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What else can a Recruiter Do!!

What else can a Recruiter Do!!

The great debate within companies has been around for some time. You are a "recruiter", that is all and what you do. That is what they say and think. However that is so far…


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R.O.A.R.: Leading through Listening

Would you agree that many studies about joy and engagement in the workplace have a common thread?

Employees send the solid message that the number one quality they’re looking for is a leader is a “good listener”.  We can do this by being quiet and listening but, also by asking excellent questions. Being the person with all the answers, is really old…


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Bring the Hiring Manager Closer to Staffing(HMCS) Methodology!!

Bring the Hiring Manager Closer to Staffing (HMCS) Methodology!!

The idea behind MHCS is one of training, informing and creating a true, collaborative "hiring Team" out of the hiring manager,…


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Jack be Quick Jack be Nimble

A month ago, many of us were glued to the tube watching the finals of the World Cup from Brazil. It gave us an insight into how in order to win, the players had to be quick and nimble. Every second of the game, the players had to be alert to what was happening on the field. The goalie had to forecast the moves that were required in order to meet the incoming ball to keep out…


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New post, I would appreciate a visit!

Please visit my new post "Your Success and Happiness Lies in You (Helen Keller)"


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The New LinkedIn Posts Are Easy

Once you have written a great post, (that is the hard part) it is relatively easy to post it on LinkedIn now.

After Vincent bugged me a few times to get started, I finally wrote my first post there today.

The layout was easy, because I had already written it in my own editorial system, with subheadings, italicized quotes, a few indents and two relevant links to Wikipedia entries. If I hadn't done that, it would have been just as easy, using the LinkedIn control buttons to set…


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Rules to Recruit By!!!

Rules to Recruit By!!!

In no particular order…


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Rituals and Creativity: Team Up for Great Business

When we establish rituals in our lives, we make room for creative ideas to surface. Here’s why: rituals and routines eliminate the need for making constant choices which allows us to conserve our energy and use it for other things. This works wonders in leadership. Why? It makes it easy for people to follow!

Every time you change it can cause confusion, re-training, and…


Added by Joyce White Nelson on July 15, 2014 at 2:30pm — 2 Comments

Addition by Subtraction by Addition (ASA)

Addition by Subtraction by Addition (ASA)

ASA refers to the skill of adding to, or subtracting from a URL to gain access to things that are not normally accessible by the normal URL. ASA…

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Hire Military/Veterans!!

Hire Military/Veterans!!

“American Soldier” by Toby Keith is a song about the life of a soldier in the military, why we do it, and why it must be done. I have long been an advocate for hiring Veterans. For those of you who follow me you may have seen my past posts on the…


Added by Dean Da Costa on July 3, 2014 at 9:57pm — 1 Comment

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