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Metrics for learning!!

Metrics for learning!!

So in the 2nd part of this 4 part series we discusses metrics used to set goals by. This time we are going to go over metrics that can be used to learn from. Now as I am sure you can imagine there will be some redundancy here. Also these types of metrics' are more than just pure numbers, you will need to collect some reasoning data, as to why things are happening but you can learn allot from this information. In fact "learning Metrics" are the most all…


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Metrics based goals- made simple- what you really need!!

Metrics based goals- made simple- what you really need!!

This is the first in a 4 part series on Metrics and goals.

I have read over and over again about metrics based goals for staffing professionals and recruiters. I have created, reviewed, analyzed, and been held accountable to metrics'. However the one thing I have come to learn is, in general we make it way to hard. We tend to over analyze, over metric ourselves to death. Yes all the different metrics have a…


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Car. Care. Career.

Ever notice that the first 3 letters of the word "career" form the word "car" and that the first 4 letters of "career" form the word "care"?

Well, just as a car is designed to get you from where you are to where you want to go, a career should get you from where you are to where you want to go.

A career is a vehicle to help you get to the place YOU CARE ABOUT going to - it's not about companies, it…


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Back to the Future or why we forgot what teaching is

Thanks to the ilks of Jeb Bush and Bill Gates the United States has pushed our educational system and governmental entities have pushed the country to evaluate both our students and teachers on the basis of the results of standardized tests. They claim that the testing results are a clear picture of the success of our educational system.

I spent six years of my life in the classroom and having graduated under a system which did not put as much emphasis on testing I can tell you while…


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Corporate America and the GPS Mentality

As I write this I am on a family vacation to visit friends in Colorado Springs. As I do on most trips I called AAA for a Triptik and loaded the address in the GPS. When last Sunday came around we pulled out of the driveway and told the Magellan to take us there by the shortest route. Well come to find out that both the Triptik and the Magellan took us on the long way to get to our destination and in the process added about 200 miles to the trip by taking the long way to get there.



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Diversity Sourcing Part 5 Veterans!!

Diversity Sourcing Part 5 Veterans!!

In my original postings on diversity I listed 4 categories I would blog about. However I forgot 1 very very important one. Veterans. So to correct that here is the last in what is now a 5 part series on Diversity Sourcing. We already looked at Women, African Americans and Hispanic, and Native American. Now we look at the most important of them all Veterans. As I said in my previous post remember diversity sourcing is a very special…


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Daniel Bloom & Associates and The Performance Institute partner to bring course to DC

Daniel Bloom & Associates, Inc. has introduced a proprietary course entitled Driving the Human Resource 500: Achieving HR Excellence through Six Sigma. It is designed to show HR professionals how to utilize continuous process improvement to enhance their human resource processes and explain HR in terms of organizational strategy. The class lasts for two days and has been…


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Boolean Operators Updated!!

Boolean Operators Updated!!

So this is an update to my all inclusive list of operators. The update is as of 10/12/10, of course I will have other updates as I find new operators. Why you ask, well as I said below there are always new ones being discovered.

So, as most of you know there are allot of different operators. Trying to figure out what they all mean and do is tough. So in this post I am going to show and explain what allot…

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Social Media Metrics Exposure vs Frequency

GM pulled of its ads from Facebook, this led many marketers to wonder if advertising on facebook or any social media site is a good thing. It is, and it isn’t. With 900 million (900,000,000) active users can you ignore facebook and all of social media? Is it worth paying for? Another good question.

  In a study by Resolution Media and Kenshoo seperatly, they7 looked at the effectiveness of Facebook ads, these 2 companies analyzed global data of 65 billion (65,000,000,000) Facebook…


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How to measure a Recruiter/Sourcer/?

How to measure a Recruiter/Sourcer/?


are allot of ideas, ways, and thoughts around how to measure a

recruiter/sourcer/?. The ? stands for whatever title you are using for

the job. First let me explain some basic information that will help

determine the best method to measure with.

First what

exactly is the person doing? We in the industry call staffing

professionals different things. Some are…


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