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Return on Investment (ROI), Explained!!

Return on Investment (ROI), Explained!!

We have all heard the acronym ROI, we all know, or you do now, that it stands for "Return on Investment". However let’s really look at what that means.

Simply put ROI can be broken down into 4 components, below each are examples of things to look at, for the purposes of this posting we will look at staffing ROI, but the 4 components are universal across all functions:

1. Cost - how much did or is…


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New project - can really help you or someone you know!

I found this great new way to work at home that does not cost a dime for the first 30 days! There are mentors and easy steps to take to get you to a great income at home.

The system was designed by an American missionary in Japan.  She understands that this information and training is valuable, but the people that really need it cannot spend money until they…


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Security Clearance search strings!!

Security Clearance search strings!!

So recently, I was asked about a string that might be used to find resumes of people with a security clearance. Therefore, below is the one I came up with, I tested it, and it works good.

(intitle:~resume OR inurl:~resume OR intitle:resume OR inurl:resume OR intitle:cv OR inurl:cv OR intitle:vitae OR inurl:vitae) AND (Title AND/OR Title) AND (Skills OR/AND Skills) AND (ts OR sci OR ssbi OR ts/sci OR poly OR polygraph OR *secret OR…


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What's Your Twitter I.D.?

If you aren't yet aware, Twitter is a lot more powerful than its name might suggest. But, whether you're a Twitter newbie or a Twitter expert, I'd like to encourage you to share your Twitter I.D. in two key places here on Brandergy.com:

1: http:/Brandergy.com/group/twitterese - The Twitter discussion and networking group is our primary Twitter-centric group help…


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If you want to get the word out to thousands of professionals, use just one link: bit.ly/TalkToBrandergy

If you want to get the word out to thousands of additional people, use just one link: bit.ly/TalkToBrandergy

+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!


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Service Level Agreement (SLA), a 2 way Agreement!!

Service Level Agreement (SLA), a 2 way Agreement!!


of us know what an SLA is and how it is used. Simply put an SLA is - is a

where the level of service is formally defined. What that means is, it

states who does what, at what level, and by when.

As it

relates to staffing and particularly corporate staffing, it is what the

staffing professional commits to with regards to an position and the

hiring manager(HM). However…


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Decisions Are The Answer (D.A.T.A.)

Here's one D.A.T.A. point none of us can ignore: "Decisions Are The Answer".

Most of the most meaningful, good things in our lives are contingent upon the health and the power of our decisions. Indeed, decisions are the answer to a lot of the ongoing, mind-numbing, and painful situations we get ourselves into - and decisions are also the answer to the life of joy and power we prefer to have.

We KNOW we have to decide yet, we don't. We hem. We haw. We hem and haw. We drag…


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Easiest Way To Add Brandergy.com Logo To Your Linkedin Profile

With 1,000+ members in Brandergy on Linkedin Groups, this link is the easiest possible way to add the above MLPF logo to your Linkedin profile:…


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How To Attach Files To Group Posts

Steps for posting to Groups on Brandergy.com

  1. Go to group's homepage such as: http://brandergy.com/group/Linkedinese
  2. Go to section labeled “Discussion Forum”
  3.  In that section look for a + sign with “Start Discussion”
  4. Click “Start Discussion”
  5. In the “Start a New Discussion” section you’ll find the following 5…

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Record keeping to keep you safe!!!

Record keeping to keep you safe!!!

Below is a simple list of the

most of the Staffing and HR records you must keep to keep you and your

company safe and compliant. Remember these are federal each state may

have its own requirements and these requirements do change.

First general guidelines:


CRA of 1964 and ADA, records must be kept for one year from when the

record was made or the action taken, whichever is…


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