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4 Areas Of Social Media Marketing Segmentation

Your out there with your shingle up in the world of Social Media (SM). So now what. How do you work your brand building, your customer service and your product management side? What about the generating of demand side of business? It makes no difference if you are a newbie are just getting started in SM or a underutilizing “pro” who has been out there for years now if you’re not into demand strategies in your SM plan you are probably letting a lot of sales slip through the cracks.



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A Super-Quick Hint For Job Seeking Consultants With VERY LONG Resumes...

In working with a LOT of consultants over the past 20+ years, I've noticed that many have been stuck on what to do when they list out all the projects they've worked on over a 10, 15, 20, 25 year period of time.

Here's a super-quick suggestion: Rather than exhaustively listing each and every project you've worked on, list a few KEY projects and ANNOTATE the section with a line such as this:

"For a full, itemized list of my professional projects, please contact me, at…


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6 Month Tune Up

Half the year is almost gone. Are you happy or sad? Are the results you got in the first part of the year what you expected or wanted?

Do you need your engine tuned up for the rest of the 6 month race to the end of the year? Here are a few simple tips you can use on your engine.

1. Take your employees out for lunch. The cost is inexpensive compared to the excellent uplift it will bring to the moral of your…


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PR Gets You Higher ROI

What would happen if you combined your advertising attack and your PR initiatives together as one coordinated marketing attack? There are many roads to the same ending point. There are many kinds of vehicles to transport you to the exact same place.

I have always lived by the thought that it takes 9 views to make a sale. Some say more some say less. But then I go farther to say that the average person only sees 1 out of every 3 touches you try to make. I am willing to bet with…


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Facebook and Business Trust

I found an interesting study from MarketingProfs that 60% of marketers are using Facebook for some kind of businesses communications. Waving my hand in the air, Me, me, me! But as to the trustworthiness of that channel of communication and marketing? Well… the trust factor is another matter all together.

Marketers Trust In Facebook

10% - Completely

58% - Somewhat

15% - Not very much

7% - Not at all

9% No…


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Is Direct Mail Dying?

It is true that direct mail on any scale is not the kingpin of a marketing plan like it use to be, but it is far from dying away. Any channel will lose its overall effectiveness when it is used alone. Not all customers and prospects respond to your advertising and marketing message in the same way. We all are more sensitive to the way we process information, sight, touching and hearing all come into play. So to with communication preferences; phone, email, search, radio & tv, youtube and…


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Upselling Plans For Businesses

Upselling, selling more of what you got to the customers you already have. Sounds nice, doesn’t it. 38% of B2C and B2B businesses are making upselling a top marketing goal this year. And why not, sell more to the people who are trusting you to take their money already. I do it. My son’s running specialty shop does it. Maybe you should think about it as…


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