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A Better Way To Get Real Sales Leads

Generate Real Sales Leads
Direct Mail
Email Marketing

The key to successfully implementing any Lead Generation…


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Are we safe?

Are you safe?

I recently conducted a two-day training class for business managers in the six-sigma methodology at a major university in which one of the participants stated that the least beneficial part of the course was having to create a project centered around an issue from their individual workplace. One of the participants responded that the project was their least valuable part of the course because his managers would never let him implement the…


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Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Mom: What were you *THINKING* when you tried to raise *ME*?!?! :-)

#HappyMothersDay and #EternalLoveToYouBeautifulMother

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"Do you lift weights? You must be able to lift a lot of weight!"

I've been going to the Big Y in West Hartford, CT for about a year and a half.

My son and I were both happy to see his excitement!

But, I was also a bit bemused that the Big Y employee focused so much on my son's arms that I might as well have been a ghost witnessing the two of them converse! :-) 

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When will they ever learn?

In their iconic song “Where have all the flowers gone?” Peter, Paul and Mary posed the question when will they ever learn. While not talking about war but rather our corporate environments on a global basis, I have the same question. In today’s global workplace it is mandatory that we not only talk the talk but walk the walk. Unfortunately, every day I see signs of where this is not the case.

Listen to your senior management as they proclaim that their people are their most valuable…


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