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Where did we go wrong?

If we review recent news items we see all kinds of reported stories that make me wonder how we got here. Consider these examples:

  • Volunteer coach and teacher is dismissed from her job. Her crime--she had an athlete who was upset that he was not going to the prom. He was also on the verge of failing English class which meant he would be suspended from the team until he got his average up. The teacher/coach made a deal with him-- she would be his "date" for the prom on the…

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Pinterest rocketed into our national consciousness a few months ago, but it seems like the marketing dialogue is just hitting its stride.The New York Times looked at a cleaning equipment company's experiments on the site and Mashable offered up some examples of clever Pinterest…


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Partner Sat rating, the true measure of a good Hiring Manager (HM)!!!

Partner Sat rating, the true measure of a good Hiring Manager (HM)!!!

So, we as staffing professionals are held accountable for candidate and client (HM) satisfaction. This is measured with a survey and subsequent percentage for success according to a set of question that are answered with a rating scheme.

However so much of our ability to be good, is dependent on our HMs. If you have a good HM you will be

successful, if you have a bad one you will fail. To…


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Brand Strategy: How Can Be More Compelling Than What

Often, when companies think about brand strategy and differentiation, they think about the products or services they offer as their point of difference and build their brand promise around them.  In other words, they focus on the “what they do” and build their positioning and communications around that notion.  “No one offers better quality…” “Ours is the best…


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Your Brand and The Mobius Strip

A Möbius strip is a unique geometric shape. It is the only shape where the outside surface and the inside surface are on the same continuum.  See for yourself. Take a long, thin strip of paper. Give one end a half twist and then tape it together. It should look similar to the picture above.

What you now have is a one-sided, one-edged piece of paper…


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Brands As API

EXCELLENT! (I *could* say more words about this presentation entitled "Brands As API" but, they'd all resolve back to "EXCELLENT")

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Suppose TV channels locked you in the way some bad websites do?

Suppose you wanted to change the channel on your TV but, the remote stops you and says: "Wait! Before you leave this page, are you sure?"

Even though it's not as bad as it used to be in the late 1990's and early 2000's with popups which wouldn't let you leave a page you visit, nonetheless, I've recently seen some sites which I kinda liked - UNTIL they took away my freedom to leave their site.



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Your brand revealed on Twitter generates revenue

Incredulous looks come my way when I state Twitter is my all-time favorite business tool.  Used correctly, it is quick, succinct and a very direct path to what you are after but in a follower pleasing way.  Social media in general has created a level playing field for all to participate.  When the correct usage is put into play, incredible opportunity comes your way.


As tweeting becomes a part of your daily branding effort, you become very noticeable. Tweeting correctly makes…


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Heavy Weight fight, LinkedIn Profile versus Resume!!

Heavy Weight fight, LinkedIn Profile versus Resume!!

 Over the last few months, I have dealt with a few candidates who, rather than supplying an up to date resume, want me to use their LinkedIn Profile. While I can understand why, the reality is a LinkedIn profile in most cases is not a resume. It is the next step up form a Cover letter but below a resume. Like a mini resume or mini bio, but not a resume. They usually do not supply all the information needed, they cannot be…


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Social Media: not always about marketing

For quite a while now, social media theory has centered around the rather vague deliverables of networking, branding and customer engagement. All of those are valid, but not always easy to measure, and there's been (a somewhat inevitable) backlash on the true value of social media as a business tool. Some of the criticism is founded; as with any new horizon, businesses weren't sure how to use social media at first and quite a few of the initial efforts have been obligatory and…


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Protect your Identity and Data

The long term mental health effect caused by ID Theft is leaving a terrible emotional and financial scar on all of us. Unfortunately, the after-effects are not being discussed enough in the media or with our children in schools.

It seems as if you can't watch or read the news today without seeing horror stories about identity theft and the terrible financial losses it can cause! Then there is that sinking feeling you get when your computer screen goes blue or black or your computer will…


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New Resume

I have spent some time updating my resume.  My new resume can be found here:

Melissa Ruth, MBA Resume

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Top 7 Things To Remember About Your P.R.O.B.L.E.M.

Top 7 Things To Remember About Your

Problem -  

Face it.  Just face it.   No one has a business or a life without problems...…


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Eany, Meany, Miney, Moe, which staffing Model should we use!!

Eany, Meany, Miney, Moe, which staffing Model should we use!!

 Staffing models, wow there are a lot of them, or so you think. The reality is there are only a few.

Full service-you have a Staffing Professional (SP) or Recruiter doing A-Z, the whole Staffing Lifecycle (SLC).

Hunter-Gatherer-basically you split up the full lifecycle into the hunter or finder-sourcer who may or may not screen and the gatherer-SP who does all the rest once the hunter has handed…


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Truth, Justice and Your Organization

I can just hear some of you now, but in watching TV and reading the news I was hit with several points which made me question the direction our organization's are headed in. We strive to speak the philosophy that we want our employees to have full transparency into our organization. We expect our employees to be engaged in the processes. The we flip the coin and see stories like the following:

1) Local TV station ran a story about customer service. The owner of the business tells the…


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My Resume and Cover letter.

Wondering what I have to offer?  Wondering why you need Melissa?  Here's a little about my history and qualifications:

  • Recently completing my MBA has provided me the knowledge to jump into this position with both feet running.  Couple my education with…

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True Networking Costs


You want more leads, my prospects more customers. Who doesn’t?


So what do you do? Join a Chamber of Commerce? At Professional Industry Association?  Formal Networking Groups? Let’s look at the cost incurred by each.


They all have their place if you get work out of them, or do you just like being in a group for the fun of it? Me, I join for the money. Friends are a side benefit. Education a side befit as well.


So what are the “true”…


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The Few, the Proud, the Looking, and Why you should hire them!!

The Few, the Proud, the Looking, and Why you should hire them!!


Yes we are talking about the military. Every year thousands of these proud warriors get out, and face an uncertain future. Not knowing what they should do.


However there are some things everyone should keep in mind, with regards to the military. There are some skills or rather ideals, and things they learn that…


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How To Find a job Now (...and never have to look for a job again)

Are you unemployed, underemployed or unhappily employed? If so, learn how to use the internet to find hidden jobs and how to position yourself to be found by companies who are hiring now and in the future. For more information, please click hereor the image below.

Thank you for your…


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The Staffing Lifecycle (SLC)!!

The Staffing Lifecycle (SLC)!!

The Staffing Lifecycle (SLC), this is basically the complete process from start to finish in staffing a position. So let’s look at it (very simplified, and in some cases you may have extra steps)(where there is an A and B means variables that may happen):…


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