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Making More Out Facebook

With 500 million users a business should not sit back ignore Facebook. Are you?


And if you are out there, you might be asking yourself, now what?


I talked a few weeks ago about the collection of the 3 F words “friends” “fans” and “followers” . You did that right? Good!


Now, as you work to further enhance your businesses Facebook base by collecting all those “friends” “fans” and “followers”,  working at making it a positive experience for them…


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Would YOU Want to Know If You're on Ning's SPAM Watch List?

Ning has just recently started to share with its group owners a SPAM Watch list.  Would you want to know if you're on the SPAM Watch List for


+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

+Vincent Wright,


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Pre Constructed Boolean Search Strings Part 4!!!


Pre Constructed Boolean Search Strings Part 4!!!

So this Part 4 on different pre constructed boolean search strings. Today search strings are designed to find Technical Product Marketing company, college and Organizations/Associations. Keep in mind these strings can be combined with others to form larger more specific search strings. Also keep in mind there are several ways to construct a search string, I am only using one way, there are others. In some cases I will be…


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LinkedIn Went Public (yesterday)

 LinkedIn hit the public market yesterday looking to raise $274 million. Seems like they did alright as the stock went from an opening of $45 up to $122.70 to end at $94.25. ) For the record NONE of Uncle Howie’s money was used) for what many people call an online rolodex that is not too bad. This gives LinkedIn a Profit to Earnings ratio of 554. Now compare that to the average ratios of say Apple which is 15. Yet I like where LinkedIn is standing as how they plan to make money. How much the…


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Only 12 of's 5,000+ Members Are on Ning's New Spam Watch List!

I'm TRULY happy to share with you two things:

1. Ning has a new SPAM WATCH LIST and

2. Only 12 of My Linking Power Forum's 5,000+ members are on the list!  




Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

+Vincent Wright,


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Introduction to Social Networking Profiles for Women Working at Home

It is very important to be comfortable online when working from home in this day and age. You can meet people that are local to you or anywhere around the world depending on where you network!

Find the… Continue

Added by Sally K Witt on May 17, 2011 at 7:43pm — 1 Comment

What an AMAZING Social Media Story Yvonne Brown Shares on BlogTalkRadio

In Yvonne Brown's discussion with Arnold Howard entitled "Discovering and Utilizing Social Media for Success", she shares an AMAZING success story about a connection she made via Facebook...please take a few moments to listen to the power of social media: …


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5 Not New Ways To Tap Social Media

Social Media is like the wind. It blows here and there. You really can’t control it. You can’t tell it where to blow. Can’t tell it how softly or how hard. If you have ever flow an airplane or at the lease flown in one, you need to realize that 99% of the time you are not headed to the exact spot you want to be going to. No really, you are always or seemingly off course yet, 99.9% of the time you get to the airport you want to arrive at, safe and on-time, and hopefully your baggage does as…


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Marketing In A Backwards World

You have a great service or product. Who cares? You have wonderful customer service. As if I cared. You on time delivery is impeccable. So what?


Sorry Charlie but for today’s marker you need to be bottom up, and I don’t mean a stiff drink although if you’re doing it backwards which is (traditionally correct) you might need one.


In today’s creasy world with all the new and changing marketing channels you need to sit down with your strategy team and first decide…


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Can you have a good income working from home in an online business?

Answer these questions about your own situation:  If you can say yes to at least 3 of these questions, then you have the "right stuff" and can be successful in an online business.


1.  Can you be efficient and learn to duplicate successful actions a few times a week? 


It is great to be creative and learn a lot of new things, but there are a handful of basic things that you can do that will bring you success week after week.

2.  Do you…


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Friends, Followers, Fans

The 3 F words, Friends, Followers, Fans. Do they mean anything or affect your business at all?


Last count my Facebook Fan Page had 232 fans. On LinkedIn I was standing at 613 and on MerchantCircle 1504 Connections, and Twitter at a massive 3106 and all growing. Does it do any good? Does it bring me business? Sales? Qualified leads?


The biggest thing on Social Media is for companies to go around and collect the 3 F’s. Some of them count the ROI on Social Media…


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OOPS! MOTHERS! Would You Like To Be Featured For Mothers' Week?

Since I MEANT to feature just mothers for Mothers Day on, I'd like to propose "Mothers' Week"

Mothers' Week is not meant to be formal but, it is a chance for you to be featured on the homepage of during the week of May 8, 2011 through May 15, 2011.
Some of the benefits of being featured;

  • 1. Opportunity to introduce your profile to 5,000+ people from around the globe
  • 2. Via your MLPF profile, get new…

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A Vision, A Revelation!!!!

A Vision, A Revelation!!!!

Recently I was an a Symposium, here is Seattle, Wa. It was being run by the people from Abrita and specifically Shally Steckerl, who I have known for some time. At some point in the symposium the subject of what are we, as staffing professionals all about. I do not recall exactly how is came about, whether someone actually said this, or enough things were said to lead me to this "revelation", but somehow I came away with a epiphany of sorts. What…


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In Person Events in May!

Events in person in the month of May!!

First Tuesday of the Month -

May 10, 2011  9-10am

Affordable Benefits Workshop for Small Business Owners.

Held in Newtown, PA  (Bucks County)

Your employees pay the monthly charge, it is completely a benefit that you can offer one or more employees for NO COST to you!!


I will give you location, and send you details with your…


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Online Events for the month of MAY!

Some of my online events in May!

I will be online at USTREAM every Tuesday afternoon for 30 minutes at 5:30 eastern time.

My show page is

Come with your questions about starting a business with Ameriplan on our team, or the benefits that you need for medical,… Continue

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Is Your Direct Marketing a Disaster?

Do you settle for too little, talk about yourself too much or rely on outdated and inaccurate data?


1) Channels: Most companies and marketers rely way too much on standalone channels that aren't focused on demand, that are not asking for a call to action. As a direct marketer needs to be committed to a well disciplined, programmed, result oriented approach while building a multichannel marketing attack.




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The "Working Poor" in America now

I am not an economist, and I cannot attempt to explain how we got here. I don't know the answer for the whole country, I just know that people need help.


Most lower middle class and middle class families are struggling. Prices keep going higher, and people's jobs are not secure. Education and experience are no longer a guarantee of a new job at a similar pay rate.


Even professional people with a history of strong income and big houses are showing up for food…


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