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Trust in 21st Century Business

Trust Circle When we enter into a relationship, business or personal, we do so by analyzing the information presented to us and then making decisions that are tempered by our own personal set of values and morality. We may factor in other social indicators when present, education, background, references, gender, political outlook, appearance, etc…


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Is 5000 years of history coming to an end with "The End of Cash?"

A number of new products have come to market recently which remove the need for cash by making payments between individuals and to small businesses easy and instantaneous - using your telephone and a credit card or deposit account. Is money as we know it going to disappear and be replaced solely by electrons?

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Having an unchecked social media profile is like having an unchecked business card...

Could you be losing THOUSANDS of DOLLARS due to typos on your own social media profile?

I'm fully aware that this is not one of those "sexy" social media topics but, for those seeking to not only socialize but to monetize, you may want to make sure that such mundane things as your web site and email addresses are correct. DON'T just rely on someone else to check it, do your own checks, as well...

Having an unchecked profile is like having an unchecked business…


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Copper River Sockeye Salmon Primer

Fresh Wild Alaskan Copper River Sockeye Salmon

Chef David w/ Copper River Sockeye Salmon

Copper River Sockeye Salmon and King Salmon are some of the most sought after fish in the world. Every year in mid May restaurants in the Pacific Northwest jockey to be among the first

to serve the year's first run of fresh Copper River Sockeye Salmon on their menus. And various news agencies including…


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Chefs-Resources: Culinary Information for Chefs and Foodies is the informational resource for Professional Chefs

Where do Chefs go to find the information they require? Chefs-Resources is a new website geared towards the Professional Chef & culinary enthusiasts and it is a solid starting point. The purpose of the site is to build a culinary resource where Chefs can go for all their informational needs regarding culinary, kitchen…


Added by David Buchanan on May 24, 2010 at 12:03pm — 1 Comment

Vincent Wright Interviewed by Author Dave Taylor

I'm humbled to be interviewed by one of my very favorite writers, Dave Taylor, author of "Growing Your Business with Google", among other great business books.

To check out the interview, please visit:…

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Jewelry Lovers

We are looking to partner with women who have a vision to make a difference in their life and the lives of others.
Could that be you or someone you know? Are you ambitious and self motivated with a desire to make your dream a reality? Please contact me and I will help you make your dreams a Reality!

Thank you
Diane Dillihunt
Check out my Personal website

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Citi Launches $200 Million Fund to Spur Small-Business Lending

Citi Launches $200 Million Fund to Spur Small-Business Lending

in Low-Income U.S. Communities (5/05/10)

Global financial services company Citi ( )

has announced the launch of Communities at Work

( ), a $200 million fund

that will work with nonprofit and for-profit Community Develop-

ment Financial… Continue

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Use Of Mobile Devices In Texting

Overall 49% of consumers use their mobile devices to test. A study by Merkle showed that the percent of opt ins drops off as age increases.

26% - All Respondents…


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Call Center Costs And Differences

We are in a worldwide economy. With the web, skype, and other ways to communicate, everyone on earth can be your competition. I almost don’t care what industry you are in. But today I’ll look at my industry of a piece of my industry, telemarketing or telesales. I will not be talking on the target marketing side of the business.…


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Advertising / Marketing / Channel Usage For 2010 / Part 2

Today we are going to look at two sides of the marketing equation; Acquisition & Retention. Each has special needs in the marketing equation and the attack you need to be using.…


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Louis Jeffries Financing Broker

Louis Jeffries

A Financial services professional for over 20 years. As a banker with Citibank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Washington Mutual Louis has been helping clients meet their financial goals by helping

them finance their personal homes, investment properties, commercial

properties, churches and…


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What is your company's Brand, and is it important?

Companies, especially some of the world’s largest and most prestigious ones seem to have lost sight of the fact that their brand is more than a logo and catchy advertising slogan. They’re risking alienating large numbers of that most important resource of any company – the customers – and eventually failing as a result. It’s time for these companies to really start living their brands. …


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Micro Grant Program from Investing In Women

The Micro Grant Program from Investing In Women was started to encourage more women to become financially independent. Why is this important? Studies have shows that empowering women can decrease poverty, increase education and promote equality. All of these create a society of happy healthy people! When women are in control of their

finances they make smart decisions and spend more time focusing on family and…


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