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Using Surveys To Improve Direct Marketing

Pre, mid and post marketing campaign surveys as a simple and cost efficient way to gather feedback from customers to make your message even more appealing, but they still need a reason to respond.

You can conduct tests, give out coupons or incentives offers works wonders to get a reply. You can then cluster responses and analyzing the details to h alp you find the super users who can and are willing to provide you with additional insight into the core elements to your… Continue

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Is Social Media Cost Effective?

Social Media can be a great way to maximize money and find low cost ways to market your business. But think it though form start to finish as best you can. There are dollar costs as well as time costs. Lake any marketing program you put in place it has to offer a real value to your bottom line and give a positive experience to your target audience.

You need to be realistic in your SM attack and pick one tool at a time, learn it, use it and then add in a second tool. If you are not… Continue

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The Week Ahead for May 29 – May 30, 2009


Tuesday: May consumer confidence index, March Case-Shiller home price index

Wednesday: April existing home sales

Thursday: Weekly initial jobless claims, April durable goods orders, April new home sales

Friday: First quarter gross domestic product revision

Larson note: Ok it’s show time. We will start to see results of a turn around, and from here things will only continue to be getting better. If you’re not in position to expand get yourself and your… Continue

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4 Marketing Do’s and Do Not’s

1. Do tailor your message to fit the recipients you are targeting. Recycling a mailing piece originally intended for one segment, say men and try to portion it at woman will just not do it. It is better to not advertising at all then to get lazy and send out the wrong message

2. Don’t just talk about equality. Your company and brad will win more loyalty in the market if your company is known for supporting its employees. Human rights issues do make a… Continue

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The Week Ahead for May 18 – May 22, 2009


Tuesday: April housing starts


Thursday: Weekly initial jobless claims, April leading economic indicators


Larson note: Slow week report wise. More retail earnings reports coming out this week. Expect the same kind of things you saw last week. Despite the good reports we say last week, ones that were as good if not better than expectations the stock market moved down. Consumer prices were flat, manufacturing contracted LESS than… Continue

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What Makes An Excellent Supplier

What makes a supplier exceptional or best in class?

1. Good customer service

2. Fast delivery

3. Inventory / Parts delivery or Necessary staff

4. Pricing

5. Flexibility / innovation

Buyers’ biggest problem with suppliers

1. Pricing issues

2. Availability of product of service people

3. Communication / customer service

4. Delivery lead/time

5. Technical support / expertise

*Source: Purchasing… Continue

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Act Now For Tomorrow’s Recovery

Like in the movies things always seem their darkest just before the light at the end of the tunnel. The recovery will happen. We all know it will. It is only a matter of when.

Now as most of you know every Monday I post the reposts coming out for the week. These are posted for you to benchmark what is going on out there, but most important of all those are, New orders for nondefense capital goods, the inventory to order ratio, corporate bond prices the Purchasing Managers index, the… Continue

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Direct Mail Formats long or short copy?

The trend today seems to be on short copy. Tri-fold self mailers, postcards, oversized postcards, one page sales letters with a simple business reply card work very well in a b2b direct mail attack for any lead generation program. Get in and in a few word make your point.

Larson note: I am a long copy kind of guy who believes more in the headline than the length of copy. Draw them in and then make a convincing message. But both can and do work.

Howard… Continue

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Choices of Young Adults

77% Eliminating all debt

23% Buying new car

77% Saving as much money as possible

23% Having as much fun as possible

73% Maximize current income

27% Getting a graduate school degree

73% Build career

27% Having children

64% Financial fitness

36% Physical fitness

64% Proper insurance coverage

36% Vacation time

58% Saving for retirement

42% Saving for my next vacation

46% Buying first… Continue

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The Week Ahead for May 4 – May 8, 2009


Tuesday: March trade balance

Wednesday: April retail sales, March business inventories

Thursday: Weekly initial jobless claims, April producers price index,

Friday: April consumer price index, April industrial production

Larson note: Not out of the woods yet in these statistics but if you have been reading the papers at all you can see what is going on. Some things will be good here and some, well not so good but remember… Continue

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More Leads with no budget

How can you find and generate more leads when your budget is running on empty?

Look in your data bank and warm up those seemingly cold leads. Maybe you were just a little too quick to put them out to pasture. Maybe there is gold in those names. Quite often these are prospects that were not quite ready to buy. The timing was not right for them, and it is there timing that is important not your need to make another sales for the month.

Reach out, call them, email them, send… Continue

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The Week Ahead for May 4 – May 8, 2009

Monday: March construction spending

Tuesday: April institute for Supple Management services index


Thursday: Weekly initial jobless claims, 1st quarter productivity, March consumer credit

Friday: April employment report, March wholesale inventories

Larson note: More ups and does for the reports but we are going to see more ups than downs. When you look at the productivity numbers, keep in mind that inventory reduction… Continue

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