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Reference checks do they really work???

This is the 2nd posting in our series on background checks, reference checks, and recommendations. Do reference checks really work? That is an excellent question, and a hotly debated topic. If done correctly you can gleam some great information from a reference check. You can tell, how good a candidate was at their job, how well they got along with…


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Reference checks, Background checks and Recommendations, do they really work???

Over the next several posts we are going to discuss Background checks, Reference checks, and Recommendations. Do they really work, how best to do them, and what to do with the results. First we will look at the definition of all three. …


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The NRA, Tim McGraw and the Sandy Hook Promise: A Message for Management

The other day I was on Facebook and under the Trending section was an article talking about the push for a boycott of the upcoming concert to benefit the group by the National Rife Association. This reported boycott was based on the assumption that the group was advocating stricter gun laws. But before I get to my concerns regarding this and its applicability to management, for those of you who don’t know what the Sandy Hook Promise is consider this.

Sandy Hook Promise is an…


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TLS Continuum Part 8: The Corporate Silent Killers

In the human side of things we regularly hear about medical conditions that can result in death yet we can overlook their presence because they are asymptomatic.  The condition is present but unless a series of diagnostic tests are performed the patient never knows the problem exists.

Our organizations are no different. Every corporation has hidden in its processes; there are every day non-value added activities that serve no customer demands.  Which serve no benefit to the…


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Hiring Managers and the Matrix !!

Hiring Managers and the Matrix !!

In this, the last of the four part series on metrics' and goals, we will discuss a little know, but important metric. The metrics' by which we measure our hiring managers. That is right; your hiring manager should be goaled on…


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Metrics' for ROI

So this is the third installment of our Metrics' series. This is the simple metrics' you can use to determine your ROI (return on Investment) in staffing. Of course there will be some redundancy here and as always you need more than just the numbers to understand what is happening. …


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