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Tips for Working at Home for People with Disabilities

Sally at a church event in her rolling chair walker with Carrie…


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U.S. Is World's Biggest Source Of Spam (Those annoying emails are coming from right here)

While many, many, MANY people still blame Nigeria for scams and spam, isolating Nigeria as the main source of spam is trying to solve spam based only upon reputation and not on fact.  Take a look at this post for Consumer Affairs:



It shows that the USA is the biggest source of spam...



Spam originates where there are the most…


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Pre Constructed Boolean Search Strings Part 3!!!

Pre Constructed Boolean Search Strings Part 3!!!

So this post is Part 3 on different pre constructed boolean search strings. Today search strings are designed to find Technical Product Managers and our general resume/CV and people searches. Of course the strings below can easily be modified to find any Marketing person. Keep in mind these strings can be combined with others to form larger more specific search strings. Also keep in mind there are several ways to construct a…


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I made a video today to introduce my business!

I hope that this helps people understand the AWESOME discounts and services that we have, and gives them information on the opportunity to work with us to grow a business with our team.


Sally Witt…


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Lessons From The Social Media Trenches!

I am one of the lucky ones. I have been in some form of marketing and advertising all my life and did not let all that get in my way of grabbing hold of Social Media Marketing and doing it as if it were a traditional marketing/advertising channel. Not so easy. Many of my comrades-in-arms cannot make the leap from formal channel advertising to informal.


But it is here, Social Media Marketing and it is here as a major player in many companies, be it B2C or B2B, be a player of a…


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Low Ball Pricing? Don’t Go There!

It is a common strategy for small businesses is to undercut the competition by charging lower prices. Especially true for new businesses, those looking to expand quickly or those who see sales deteration and loss. Don’t do it!


Think about it. If every graphic artist charges $100 an hour, you figure you'll gobble up the business by charging $50 an hour. Don’t do it!


Charging low prices or "low-balling," as it is commonly known is a terrible business strategy…


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Retweet: Branding A Socially Responsible Signature File

In his book "The Complete Idiot's Guide To Growing Your Business With Google", I was happy to see that our own Dave Taylor included a section on "The Importance of Signatures"  (pp 204-205).


In that section, Dave mentions that "A good signature block contains your name, contact e-mail address, website address, phone number, and a one- or…


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Whether you need $100 or $1,000 or $10,000 or $100,000 or $1,000,000, you've got to CRUNCH THE NUMBERS to get what you need! #NoMoreGuessWork


(I'm going to intentionally let the above serve as a complete micro-essay post.)



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Brandergy.com page on Facebook...

Quick FYI: We have a corollary version of Brandergy.com as a page on Facebook at: Brandergy.com page on Facebook


+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

http://storage.ning.com/topology/rest/1.0/file/get/8329852?profile=original" />…


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Top 10 Reasons Why I Will Not Move My Linking Power Forum From Ning

MyLinkingPowerForum.ning.com from Ning but, here are my:

Top 10 Reasons Why I Will Not Move My Linking Power Forum From Ning.com


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You Have To Help Us Find Your Need...

One of the oddest things about the beautiful human mind is that it can trick us out of getting what we need. And we can come up with an endless number of reasons why we haven't addressed a need but, the troublesome thing about "needs" is that they don't go away - on their own, that is.

Recently, I've been having some terrific conversations with some of the most intelligent men and women I've ever met.

Yet, there seems to be this common thread among many of them: many…


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New Business Launch!

If you,… Continue

Added by Sally K Witt on April 23, 2011 at 3:52pm — 1 Comment

Ning Changes Directions: "And That's a GOOD Thing!"

The online company is saying goodbye to consumers and hello to big (paying) companies.

At a time when the hottest tech giants (Apple (AAPL)) and startups (Zynga) are focused on serving consumers, social-media company Ning is going in the opposite…


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Discuss Your Site

For those of you who have sites to promote, I strongly encourage you to join Promote Your Site here on My Linking Power Forum at: http://bit.ly/PromoteYourSite 


By the way: though you can make comments on any or all of the groups here on the Power Forum, you'll get much more coverage for your site if you were to start a DISCUSSION to discuss your site:…


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How Do You Score Your Social Media?

So how do the “pros” score their social media efforts?


Today's top marketers are starting factor social interactions into their lead scoring. Why? Because that is where the action is! These conversations often can indicate buying signals and   behavior and allow marketers to bring leads to a sale or the sales department faster, and beating out the competition that is using traditional lead scoring or dare I say no lead scoring at all.


So what is sales ready…


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Which L.I.S.A. are you like?

Which L.I.S.A. are you like?:  

1.) Living In Suspended Animation or

2.) Living In Spiritual Activation?

Think about something: Are you sure you've living life to your fullest capacity, TODAY?   

Are you doing your very best, throwing yourself FULLY into life, TODAY?

The Spirit present in you says that Life is not to be waited for but, rather, to be LIVED! So, LIVE Life, TODAY!!


Thanks, and Keep STRONG!



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Easiest Way To Find Your Profile Page On Brandergy.com

Because Brandergy.com is arranged a little bit differently than some of the other Ning groups you may belong to, finding your personal homepage can also seem to be a little bit different.  


However, across all Ning sites, the easiest way to locate your personal page is to click on your name in the uppermost right hand side of the site.  


For example, when I want to access my profile page for a status update, I…


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President Barack Obama Live Facebook Townhall

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Landing Page Optimization

The term “optimization” which these days is getting close to becoming not only overused and burnt out even meaningless due to its overuse still maintains some value that marketers and Web masters still must understand and apply. It is crucial to understand the meaning of the word as we have come to define it.


For support of an optimization program you need to be doing content testing and audience targeting. The effective combination of these two core areas of direct digital…


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Coaching Etiquette: (#1 Punctuality Is Etiquette (P.I.E.))

While it's not generally discussed that much in social media circles, a coaching relationship is a BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP.
What that means is that both the coach and the coached have traditional business principles and practices which they must honor in order to get the most out of the coaching.
The coach AND the coached MUST consider the impact of punctuality.  While being late or missing a meeting ONCE IN AWHILE is tolerable, a recurring pattern of lateness and/or…

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