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Personalize Your Marketing Adverting & Sales Efforts

In any kind of advertising, marketing or sales effort you usually have only a few seconds to capture your prospects attention. This does not give you much room to maneuver of flounder over how to dive your message and create interest to their specific need(s).

A strong opening line, great visuals, clear theme is needed to drive your central message on how you can ease their pain. Ask your present customers what their current needs are so you can stay on top of what is important to… Continue

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A Marketing Symphony In The Making

Like most Web 2.0 areas, social media marketing is not a very well defined or even understood marketing tool. The so called experts have seemed to latch into one or two areas, learned how to use them and hand the word expert on the back end of there name and off they go. Dare I say there are no long term experts only people running ahead of the pack. Truth is we are all running not just to catch up but to keep up it this evolving web world. What was once true 6 months ago has changed. E-mail,… Continue

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The Week Ahead for April 20 – April 24, 2009

Monday: March leading economic indicators, Boston Marathon



Thursday: Weekly initial jobless claims, March existing home sales

Friday: March durable goods orders, March new home sales

Larson note: I see a “feel good” week ahead. With the stock market up, earnings of the (bailed out) banks good if not great people might pock their heads up and smell the roses. Don’t be lulled thinking this recession is near over. At a minimum we have 2… Continue

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Gathering/Using Business Intelligence

The pathway to better business intelligence is not as complicated as people might be trying to make it. The implication of it might be a different story.

Start with clear goals and objectives and in kind of initiatives you want to make.

Second, identify and prioritize the metrics and measures that you have for each goal, objective and initiative.

Next, map out specific people or teams to measure and monitor what is happening real time, and empower them to… Continue

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Marketing Singularly

Is it possible as I alluded to yesterday to market and measure your marketing to each customer as an individual in real time?

There are already easy things you can be putting in place to get your marketing on the cheap. Things like auto-messaging response to emails. On-hold ad messages on your phone. Cross referencing your CRP for name, telephone number, company name, buying patterns.

If you were to look at the dashboard or your car and see all the little gages and buttons… Continue

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Linking The LaidOff On BlitzTime.com (www.MicroInterviews.com)

You May Register For Multiple Events at: www.MicroInterviews.com

A B C…

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The Week Ahead for April 6 – April 10, 2009

Monday: Cub’s Opening Day

Tuesday: March retail sales, March producer price index

Wednesday: March consumer price index, Federal Reserve beige book

Thursday: Weekly initial jobless claims


Larson note: Last week was interesting. Wells Fargo makes a nice little $3 Billion profit, stocks surge over 200 points, yet unemployment remains week with over 8% which is really 15% when you consider those people that have taken themselves out of the job market… Continue

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WOM Marketing

Or do you say Word of Mouth

You receive about 500 to 3,000 commercial communications a day. This includes everything — banner ads on websites, newspaper or magazine ads, ads on the sides of trucks, labels on products. You won't read or actively see most of them, but you are still exposed to them.

How often do you act on them?

In the world of advertising and sales there is a “law” that says it take 9 times of seeing or hearing a message before a sale is made and… Continue

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How Can A Company Improve Their CRM

I have been kicking this stuff around a lot lately, CRM, ROI, loyalty, value added service. Now they actually went and did a survey on it. Here’s how the marketing “pros” see it. Where would you vote?

*Source: DMNews Larson note: I happen to agree with the majority on this one. CRM’s greatest asset is being able to refine and give your customers better service at and in all levels of your company, if our all connected to the data. Don’t… Continue

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On-Line to Face to Face Networking

It can be very easy to fall in the trap and sit in front of your computer screen and interact, to network exclusively on-line.

F2F networking is not going away. It is still needed if for no other reason than to validate the accuracy of online. You need both parts to be a successful networker in business today.

To get your networking running on all cylinders you need to be in both places.

Online your business card becomes your profile page. It states who you are… Continue

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$3.50 and Friendship Buys You Coffee

How many times has a salesperson been hired away to a different firm because of perceived value? The idea that a salesperson that can make great relationships can bring his customers in mass with him is a myth. So will but most will remain with the original company. If the company has treated them right why should they change?

What salesperson does not think that they have a great relationship with all their customers? This maybe part fact but also part myth. This myth about their… Continue

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The Week Ahead for April 6 – April 10, 2009


Tuesday: February consumer credit

Wednesday: February wholesale inventories

Thursday: Weekly initial jobless claims, February trade balance,


Larson note: Over the last week there has been quite a lot of press published about if the recession has bottomed out. From where I’m sitting don’t believe it. Until companies stop shedding jobs we are not there. It is slowing but slow is not ending. IN my eyes we still have 3 more months of bumpy road… Continue

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Need More E-Mail Opt-ins?

E-mail is an excellent marketing tool for many reasons. Cost and speed being two to the major reasons, yet on the down side it can be thought to be obtrusive to the recipienent if they don’t want it.

We all need to be careful to send our prospects emails that they want. You can encourage prospects to give you their email addresses in exchange of something such as a free white paper to download. Another way is to use telemarketing into prospects and follow up with different opt-in… Continue

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Making B to B Referrals Work

You have customers. At least I hope you do. So. .

To start, ask them if they know anyone in organizations, or clubs that could use your service like they do. I’m not talking about one of the official networking groups or clubs here but chambers, rotory, etc.

Everyone is facing the same kinds of problems right now. Clients, pricing, market share, so why not help each other out.

Sharing recommendations either in f2f or the different SM sites is key to building… Continue

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Making E-Mail Work Without A CRM program

In a time like we are going though now, how can you make an email campaign work even without an expensive CRM program.

I would start by going slowly at first, building a foundation, focusing on who you and your company is. As you progress, you can ask subscribers what is important to them. Working with the structure and content, making it more and more relevant to your clients, prospects and subscribers.

If all you have to work with is an email list, start by sending a… Continue

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