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Metrics for learning!!

Metrics for learning!!

So in the 2nd part of this 4 part series we discusses metrics used to set goals by. This time we are going to go over metrics that can be used to learn from. Now as I am sure you can…


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Metrics based goals- made simple- what you really need!!

This is the first in a 4 part series on Metrics and goals.

I have read over and over again about metrics based goals for staffing professionals and recruiters. I have…


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How to measure a Recruiter/Sourcer/?

There are allot of ideas, ways, and thoughts around how to measure a recruiter/sourcer/?. The ? stands for whatever title you are using for the job. First let me explain some basic information that will help determine the best method to measure with. READ…


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TLS Continuum Part 7: What have we done?

As organizations today we are faced with a major dilemma. We listen to government officials tell us that we really need to concentrate on turning out more individuals grounded in the STEM disciplines. But that push comes fraught with a major discord. Let me try and describe the dilemma in a real time example.

In our two-day seminar, on which this series is based, we used to ask the participants to complete Osterwald’s …


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Return on Investment (ROI), Explained!!

We have all heard the acronym ROI, we all know, or you do now, that it stands for "Return on Investment". However let’s really look at what that means. READ…


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