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Hello I am a Recruiter's Worst Nightmare

Interesting pronouncement but I assure you you that it did not come from my mouth to heaven's ears. Several years ago when I thought about trying to return to the full time corporate side of HR a seasoned recruiter made the comment after looking at my resume. He was basing this on the fact that since graduating from college I have been in a number of positions within a number of industries. But the statement is more telling of the state of the recruiting industry then it is of my skill…


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Reporting, and metrixes a hidden land mine!!

Reporting, and metrixes a hidden land mine!!

I have done several postings on reporting and on metrixes. In all of them I stress the importance of not using the stats alone to make decisions. The reason for that is because stats alone do not tell you the whole story. It is imperative you understand the WHY’s behind the numbers. If not…


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5 Hot Tips for Better Brand Recognition

You’re working on building your brand, as you know you should—but no matter what you do, you’re left feeling like your target audience isn’t connecting with your brand as well or as frequently as you’d like. Sound familiar? Hey, it’s a common feeling: that nagging in the back of…


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Technical testing when and how to do it!!!

Technical testing when and how to do it!!!

Within the staffing community, Hiring teams (HT, (this consists of Hiring manager, and possible first and second level interviewers) and businesses themselves there has always been controversy over how do you determine the expertise level of a candidate. Interviews, technical testing, reference checks, and…


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Spring Colors 2013: Soothing Neutrals & Energizing Brights

Post image for Spring Colors 2013: Soothing Neutrals & Energizing Brights

Fashion designers, artists, and other highly visual types are inspired by what they see in the world around them. So if they’re seeing a new color fashion trend in bloom this spring, get ready for more logos and graphics with these…


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Please do not judge a book by it's cover - The Marissa Mayer Edict Part II

Over the past almost 7 years that we have been blogging int he HR space we have made much about the bad decision by corporate management to rely solely on the recruitment of passive candidates to fulfill their talent management needs. Now Yahoo has reportedly taken this to a new level -  Not only can you not work outside the office, you have to have ivory tower credentials to boot. Lets get some facts out on the table right upfront less someone accuse me of not appreciating the efforts that…


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Unemployed need not apply..Really…Really!!

Unemployed need not apply..Really…Really!!

You read it right, there are actually companies out there who are putting up signs or including in

their job descriptions that the “unemployed need not apply”.

How pathetic, how disgusting, how wrong. The bad part is because the unemployed are not a



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Liablity or Asset- The Marissa Mayer Edict

It has been an interesting week between Marissa Mayer's clamp down on telecommuters at Yahoo and Sheryl Sandberg's pitch that women sabotage their own careers.In both arenas there seems to be a criterion missing. That criterion is how do you view your human capital in your organization - are they a liability or are they an asset? Let's look at the two events separately:

Marissa Mayer contends that in order to make Yahoo more productive she wants all human capital assets under one…


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Co-Branding - Your Brand Booster


Post image for Co-Branding—Your Brand Booster

What happens when two powerful brands pair up to produce a new product? You get K.C. Masterpiece Lay’s Potato Chips, Eddie Bauer Edition Ford Explorers, Pillsbury Brownies with Hershey’s Chocolate, and Crest with Scope—to name a few. Well-established brands benefit from…


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Process makes perfect!!

Process makes perfect!!

As, with anything, that involves multiple people or entities having to work together, it goes much easier when everyone understands the hows and whys of working together. As a staffing professional, we must ensure we establish the process we will use to help our clients fill positions. A well established and agreed upon process…


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It is choice not chance that defines our destiny

Awhile back we posted a blog entry in this space based on the marque of a local church. When I drove by it the other day the announcement of this Sunday's sermon was on the marque and is the title of this post.

I hear everyday people telling me that they know things need to change within the organization, but it will take time and they will wait it out until the organization gets around to changing the culture or the policy, usually by managerial edict.

The problem is that is…


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Achieving HR Excellence through Six Sigma returns to Columbus, OH

Once upon a time there was a human resource professional who believed that there was a better way to perform the HR duties than the organization did at the present time. Every day the HR pro talked to management about a more involved role within the organization. The topic of conversation centered on how marginalized the HR role was becoming within the organization. One day this HR professional decided they would try and make the changes on their own only to be dismissed by their fellow…


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Clear Captions for Cisco

So...on Friday, I was part of a video Cisco was doing about captioned phones for the hard of hearing in business. It was a blast! I thought I would be nervous with the camera, lights, and sound equipment all around. Instead, it was exhilarating! Now I can think of nothing else other than doing it again! Have any of you had such an experience?

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"Treat them the way you would want to be treated"

"Treat them the way you would want to be treated" 

Candidate and Client Satisfaction!!!- Well this is one of the most important issues for a recruiter/staffing professional. It is not just about filling positions. It is about having a good relationship with your client and…


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Another Great Brand Slogans Quiz


Do you have a great tagline or slogan for your business? Never underestimate the power of an excellent slogan! The following taglines have been around for years, and many have truly stood the test of time. When you find that perfect slogan that’s both unique and memorable, you’ll find your target audience will be much more attracted to…


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