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Tick Tock, Tick Tock, the initial scanning of a resume!!!

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, the initial scanning of a resume!!!

Recently I read a blog, by a staffing professional with over 30 years of experience. In this blog he posted 9 things he uses to help quickly get through resumes in 10 seconds or so. Some of these criteria were; location, industry, function, level, recent experience, education, turnover, type of resume, and what he called obvious things, in this case spelling errors and the like. He had a very narrow and low tolerance for…


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Testing NetworkedBlogs on


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The Black Hole, that is the Hiring Manager(HM)!!

The Black Hole, that is the Hiring Manager(HM)!!

We have all been through it. Sending resume upon resume, screen upon screen, over to the HM, only to have them disappear, never to be heard from again. Seemingly lost in some black hole. The question is what to do about it. Well there are numerous ways to deal with this.

1. Create a two way SLA, that states how long the HM has to get back to you about candidates. Ensure there are ramifications should he not meet his end of the…


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Don't Have A Blog? Wish You Had One? Don't Feel Like Building An Audience? Then What Are You Waiting For? Join! :-)

Don't have a blog?

Wish you had one?

Don't feel like building up an audience?

Then what are you waiting for??

Join! :-)

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YOU don't have to go out and do…


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Once And For All, Let's Get Rid Of Quantity Versus Quality

I'd like to toss out the old "Quantity Versus Quality" argument altogether and develop something more meaningful and more fluid...

I call my prospective replacement for "Quantity Versus Quality" the "C.I.A. Concept" where "C.I.A." stands for:

  1. Confluence
  2. Influence
  3. Affluence

Fundamentally "C.I.A." argues:

  1. that we CAN'T have JUST Quality…

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5 Steps Of Effective Delegation


I have found in some 37 some odd years in business that there are 5 steps to better delegating and supervising that will bring you the kind of results you want to get your expectations met and successful results are achieved.


Step One: The first step in delegation is to be totally clear about the results that you want to achieve out of the job or project. The more clarity YOU have the greater the direction you show with towards the results…


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75% of Ad Campaigns for New Account Acquisition


No wonder we are getting so busy. 75% of all b2b marketers will be or are launching ad campaigns designed to focus on new account acquisition. That, of course, is our primary job. To find our customers new sales leads now. The remaining 25% is divided. 15% is on brand awareness and 10% for customer retention.29% of would be marketers are increasing their 2012 budgets.


In order to achieve their goal of finding more customers, marketers will but using a variety of on…


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Recruiters and Falsehoods!!!

Recruiters and Falsehoods!!!

Falsehoods, that is the nice way to say lies. The act of stating falsehoods, or lies, is way more prevalent in staffing than we would like to think. Some staffing professionals(SPs) seem to feel whatever it takes to land the candidate is ok. Now this is much more prevalent in the contract world then the corporate world, But it does happen in both. Things as simple as, we can pay you this much, when you know you cannot. Are statements that are made that are…


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Fact, Fiction and Reputation!!!

Fact, Fiction and Reputation!!!


So what do you think happens when you are assigned for several years to groups that require you to be strong, hard charging, able to be fluid with the process, and take charge? Answer you get a reputation to match, and while this made you very successful in those groups, it will make it very hard in others and even make it hard to find other jobs within your company. While it was needed for those groups to be successful, the fiction is, that is…


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